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Twin Atlantic
Canterbury, Viva Sleep
Southampton, Joiners
10th February 2010
Twin Atlantic       Canterbury                Viva Sleep    
It was another evening back at the Joiners, Southampton's hottest venue and one of my favourites. We arrived as Viva Sleep were playing, and squeezed into the main room after buying a cheeky pint. You don't see this place jammed that often, especially when the first band of three are on. But alas, it was busy. Viva Sleep had potential, but it wasn't there yet. The music was disjointed dark indie I suppose, like a messy Minus The Bear or Hot Club De Paris. And in contrast to this was a very Dartz! fairly tuneless voice. Which was a real shame, he was trying so hard but it just wasn't working. I hope for his sake it was just a bad night. Luckily for him though, he was a fairly entertaining chap and thus I didn't mind watching them so much. The four-piece played for about half an hour, but nothing stood out that hasn't already been mentioned.

Next up were Canterbury, a group I unfortunately only caught the end of at a Billy Talent show at the end of 2009, and was keen to see. As soon as they started with “Peace & Quiet,” the Joiners fantastic sound system burst into life – the sound was literally phenomenal – and the music was awesome too. I was absolutely loving it, when “Take Me Out Of The Wall” reminded me of something. I was really enjoying the album itself until this song where everything went a bit Fall Out Boy. This happened again live, but it took seeing it in front of me to fall in love with the album. They are fantastic musicians, and it was particularly Mike Sparks on vocals and guitar that did it for me. Mainly his voice – genuinely impeccable – a bit Mars Volta meets Coheed and Cambria – but outstanding. And for a slight guy, his stage presence was outrageous. More catchy tracks such as “Set Your Right” and “Friends? We're More Like A Gang” ensured that every single person left the Joiners with the intention of grabbing a copy of the new album for free from <>. The way I see Canterbury, is that they are Fall Out Boy, if Fall Out Boy were British, a bit heavier, and actually really good. The crowd were jumping all around, it was one of the best sets I've seen in a while.

And finally, it was time for Twin Atlantic. The Scottish four-piece were clearly thankful of the excellent turn out, as with much of this tour compared to past ones. They opened with “You're Turning Into John Wayne” an upbeat number, into the brilliant “Light Speed” which was a crowd-pleaser – and continued to play through the album Vivarium as well as an unreleased track or too. A fuck-tard (sorry) shouted “mon the Biffy” which was instantly dismissed – although Ross the bassist does look strangely like the hairier Biffy brother. I suppose the sound is similar now and again, such as in “Caribbean War Syndrome,” but there's no reason to go shouting things like that. There was even some minor crowd-surfing, which is quite an achievement in somewhere like the Joiners, but that was dismissed by front man Sam (I wanted to type fireman Sam,) who said “you're just embarrassing yourself” or words to that effect. It was quite amusing really. They were really good actually, but didn't quite do justice to the electric atmosphere that Canterbury had created. That said, Sam did successfully stage-drive and nobody hit the floor. He did return to stage with a ripped t-shirt. A Canterbury t-shirt no less. But no, they were very good and finished with my personal favourite “Audience and Audio” which had everybody wall to wall singing along and having a final little boogie. A great end to a surprisingly enjoyable evening.

Viva Sleep - 3/5
Canterbury - 5/5
Twin Atlantic 4/5

Review By Thom Curtis

 Twin Atlantic

Sam McTrusty
Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
Craig Kneale



 Viva Sleep

Stone Rockson (Vocals)
Lazarus Del Quattro (Guitars)
Johnny Hawkins (Bass, Guitars)
Brick Armstrong (Drums)
Snake (Guitars, bass)

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