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The Xcerts, Cars On Fire
Birmingham, Academy 3
10th February 2010
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Photo Of Cars On Fire © Copyright Robetr LawrenceDELAYED!, shocking, abit of snow and the world comes to a stand still, don't they know that I've got a gig to shoot, luckily I only missed the opening band, unfortunately I missed the opening band, that's always annoying.

First band I saw was Cars on Fire, the 'next gallows', so I've been told, there an Alt rock 4 piece band from Bristol, with screamo/melodic vocals, 'the next gallows' not sure, seems to be missing the intensity. But they are a fairly decent band, solid heavy riffs, lots of bass for that heavy sound, a bit over done if you ask me, was a touch to much, they showed great energy on stage. Im not sure what they opened with, but the songs in there set list included, The Antagonist, Sharks, Modus Operandi, Hall of Skeletons and Set Closer Burn the Suits, all really strong storming songs delivered with a punch. Ali(vox) had some tech issues with his guitar early in the set, so resorted to just singing, the songs didnt lose any of there viggor, and at the end of the set he got in the crowd and joined in with a pit, not bad.

Main Support, The Xcerts are pop rock band, compared to cars on fire, theres hardly any punch, its just a tad too soft for me, its decent enough, and has plenty of melody in it, if you like that sort of thing, this is for you. It has its heavy break downs for a few moments. Its not simple pop rock but its not complex either, for a 3 piece, they make a good solid sound. No idea what they played though, as Ive never heard of them before, and there wasn't a set list in sight. Not big on moving about though, stage presence is slighty lacking as the bass player is on one side of the stage, the singer/guitarist is on the other with the drummer in the middle, that's a big gap but i guess they make up for it in melody and effort.

Photo Of Fightstar © Copyright Robetr LawrenceFightstar, a band that has for some time had question marks hanging over them, most of them dispelled hopefully, but Im sure some music metal snobbery will remain. I like them, I remember when the band was first revealed all those years ago now, but I have never seen them play a full electric set, always Acoustic sets, due to working for one music organization or another that Fightstar have happened to be there, doing there marketing duties, mainly for Jagermeister or a new album release.

There a solid rock band with some good riffs, decent lyrics, solid drumming and guitar and bass playing, Im sure one day they'll reach the top, anyway, on to the set, they opened tonight with, War Machine, the whole band rocking out, this was followed by Colours Bleed to red, at which point, i get kicked out of the pit, cant they count to three in Wolverhampton? Colours Bleed was followed by the English way, a favorite of mine off Be Human. Songs in the Mid set included, Paint your target, Mercury Summer, Build an Army and Its Blood is Black. There Putting on a really decent show tonight, with a solid set full of well known fan favorites the guys are on top form to night Towards the end of the set, they play Grand unification, Death Car, Sleep Well Tonight and Palaniuks, This Brings us to the encore, after a a short breack and much chanting, they open the encore with Be Quiet and Drive and set closer Tannhäuser Gate, Id have like to have seen a cover or two in there, but never mind, it was still an excellent gig, probably one of the best ill see all year.

Cars On Fire - 4/5
The Xcerts - 3/5
Fightstar 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Charlie Simpson
Alex Westaway
Dan Haigh
Omar Abidi

 The Xcerts

Murray Macleod
Jordan Smith
Tom Heron

 Cars On Fire

Ali Ross
Steve Gregory
Jon Pick
Mike Fell

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