Gig Review

Lacuna Coil
Dirty Little Rabbits, Dommin
Birmingham, Academy
1st February 2010
Lacuna Coil                 Dirty Little Rabbits            Dommin
Photo Of Dommin © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter getting in from the freezing cold of this Birmingham winter night, my feet may have started to defrost, already tired, from an early start, I was hoping i was in for a good night. It got off to a good start, having a great interview with Lacuna Coil guitarist Pizza (Chris Migliore), it was a good start, then back out into the cold to freeze some more, fun!

First up is a band im gonna be seeing again in March, Dommin, a 4 piece alt goth rock band i guess, really dark lyrics with dark sounds, a song they played was Dark Holiday and that had a real creepy Nick Cave feel to it, I guess that's how I can describe what the vocalist sounded like some where in between Nick Cave and Jyrki 69 of the 69 eyes, the band also having a slight rock a billy sound to them too. The Drumming pretty solid stuff, simple but effective, the bass is understated but works well, the guitar riffs are chunky and catchy and the synth/piano gives it that extra element to give it dark feel. They also did a cheesy 80s cover, dying in your arms tonight, not to bad, giving it a dark sounding twist, the lyrics still cheese laden though. The band have good stage presence even though the stage was a bit to big for them, this would have worked well in a smaller environment, but i really enjoyed there set and was a good way to defrost!

Photo Of Dirty Little Rabbits © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext was Shawn 'clown' Crahans side project, Dirty Little Rabbits, a great name, are a Alt rock band, but somehow i think it needs buckets of blood to accompany the music and the Visual Performance which is like a twisted circus burlesque show, with Stella Katsoudas, revealing her past as a classically trained ballet dancer, her moves sometimes sync with the music, sometimes misses the mark. The drumming from Crahan is pretty good its powerful and precise, and the guitar playing is pretty decent, good but not catchy riffs, the solos aren't too bad either, the synth gives it a good twisting creepy vibe to the music! Song they played tonight included,Simon, You Say, Im So Beautiful, Hello, Dark and set closer rabbit holes, which isn't really the best song of the night, it seems weak to me, the rest of the set is brilliant,but this last song really lets the side down, its just not a good song compared to the rest but they still put on a good show!

Lacuna Coil a band ive been wanting to see again for ages since 2006 in fact, and after interviewing 'Pizza', I was really looking forward to the gig, plus it was good not being sure what would an wouldn't be featured in the set. They opened with the excellent Survive, such a good up tempo song, which was followed by Underdog and then my favorite Photo Of Lacuna Coil © Copyright Robert LawrenceLacuna Coil track, Closer, I love it. Anyone paying attention would have noticed the distinct lack of bass player, hes recovering from a shoulder injury. Christina Scabbia is on top form tonight, looking sexy as hell and sounding even better, Andrea is also on top vocal performance tonight, both moving about stage looking like there having a good time. The band sounding pretty heavy tonight, much heavier than any CD track, just sounds excellent with the backing track filling in the extra parts that are not reproduced live. Other songs that feature are Heavens a lie, I wont tell you which is off there latest album, Senzafine which is beautifully performed in there own native tongue,Christina then dons a black dress singing solo for Wide awake, sounding an looking even more stunning! Swamped is then followed by the karaoke song before the encore is Enjoy the silence, getting the crowd involved a nice touch. The encore was Not Enough, Spellbound an Our Truth. Lacuna Coil was on top form tonight, sounding excellent, it was worth the wait to be treated with a top notch performance!

Dommin – 4/5
Dirty Little Rabbits – 4/5
Lacuna Coil - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Lacuna Coil

Cristina Scabbia (Vocals)
Andrea Ferro (Vocals)
Marco Coti Zelati (Bass)
Cristiano Migliore (Guitars)
Marco 'Maus' Biazzi (Guitars)
Cristiano 'CriZ' Mozzati (Drums)

 Dirty Little Rabbits

Stella Karsoudas (Vocals)
Ryan Martin (Guitars)
Jeff Karnowski (Bass)
Shawn Crahan (Drums)
Michael Pfaff (Organs, Keyboards)


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