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All Time Low
The Blackout
Birmingham, Academy
30th January 2010
All Time Low         The Blackout    
Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright Robert LawrenceGetting to the Birmingham Academy tonight, freezing my arse off at about 630, I was supposed to be interviewing my passion, that didn't happen, because they got held up at a signing, so trying to get in contact with the people involved meant I missed young guns, then i had a interview with one of the guys from All Time Low, which then meant I missed out on My Passion, so off to a bad start!

The Blackout, a band I saw last year, and was impressed by there energy through there set, and again not much has changed, still giving it there all, bounding across the stage with unlimited energy, perhaps its all the free Relentless the bands get at each venue! Sounding better tonight as it wasn't overly loud like it was last year, so everything was a tad clearer, hearing the riffs,solos drums and even the bass, making for a much more pleasant musical experience! They Opened with Children of the Night,which was followed by Shutthefuckuppercut, which had the same effect last time I saw them, sending the crowd absolutely bonkers, plus it didn't help with Sean Smiths invite to throw stuff at the stage, luckily for him and me, the crowd are a lousy shot! Less Talking in between songs also this time, so the set seemed to pick up speed, with the likes of High Tide, The Fire, Beijing, Said and Done, being played tonight, lots of high energy songs for the crowd to rock out to, and again with the whole crowd kneeling thing, I'm surprised that some managed it as there wasn't a lot of space due to having a good crowd tonight, then you get the usual waffle of bands saying this is the best crowd so far etc, I'm surprised it still happens! The Blackout finish there set with, Top of the world, SOS and Riot, leaving the crowd wanting more, and nicely warmed up for All Time Low!

Photo Of All Time Low © Copyright Robert LawrenceAll Time Low, a band I've heard of many times, but one I haven't seen live or listened to at all really because frankly, Im lazy! So tonight was an experience! Only Playing 11 songs tonight, it feels like a short set too, but I think that's good me for me, as I hate sets that drag but I think the fans are getting there monies worth at least, seeing 4 decent bands, well 2 that i saw anyway including All Time Low. They Open with Lost in Stereo, an up beat number to get the crowd going, I saw some really solid Drumming, decent guitar riffs, and some really good vocal work, which carried on throughout the set, which included, Break ur Lil Heart, Six feet under the Stairs which is a good song with a great title, Jasey Rae, Remembering Sunday an awesome acoustic track, a proper lighter in the air moment or mobile phone in this day an age but probally lost on this young crowd, the excellent Weightless was played just before the encore! The encore featured 2 more high energy songs Damned if I do ya and Dear Maria to finish off the night in freezing Birmingham, leaving most of the crowd happy and well spent! I enjoyed the set as much as I thought I would, but am I going to buy there albums? Probably not but if I hear them on the radio or one of the videos comes on, then ill probably stay tuned, who knows.

I finally got in contact with My Passion with a last ditch text message that finally paid off, and after finally locating the most talkable member of My Passion, Laurence, the interview finally got underway in a freezing cold corridor, while the gear was packed away around us. At some point I may even get a chance to defrost!

The Blackout – 4/5
All Time Low – 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 All Time Low

Alex Gaskarth
Jack Barakat
Zack Merrick
Rian Dawson

 The Blackout

Sean Smith
Gavin Butler
Matthew Davies
James Davies
Rhys Lewis
Gareth Lawrence
Jamie Duffy

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