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Zico Chain
To The Bone
Birmingham, Flapper
29th January 2010
Zico Chain            To The Bone    
Photo Of Zico Chain © Copyright Robert LawrenceDamn its freezing out here tonight, it only quickens the pace of getting to the Flapper tonight, as the frost starts to set on my toes!

Two bands I saw tonight, Zico Chains tour buddys, To The Bone, a 4 piece Hard Rock band, no set list in this dingy basement, i dare say many bands have one down here really. The vocals,oh dear, bit flat and shouty, although the singer complained about the mic being shit, after a quick change to a new mic, still no change. Luckily the rest of the band fared much better, the drumming was decent and solid, the lead guitarist, wasnt too bad and the rythm guitarist/vocalist, was ok too, with the bass rumbling underneath it all almost getting lost in mix. Unfortunately when all these ingredients were put together, more often than not, the music was pretty flat, with very little in the way of highs and lows, with a repetative sound, about 4 songs in there was a decent intro riff, before going back into the hard rock grind, overall, its pretty average hard rock stuff, but with some decent visual energy put into it, sadly it doesn't make very appealing music!

Photo Of Zico Chain © Copyright Robert LawrenceZico Chain, come on after a quick change around, and the stage is again flooded with more smoke, unneeded really, tonight thay played a pretty much identical set as they did when I last saw them in September 2009, and again they proved there a solid live act, and it begs the question why are they still playing in the basement of the flapper, and using this place to close the tour, surely the academy 2 would be better at least, but judging by the lack of crowd, its easy to see why there in the basement, the fans? where are they hiding! Songs that featured tonight, were Bile and Blood, These Birds Will Kill Us All , Our Evil, Day case, Where Would You Rather Be?, Rohypnol, and set closer Pretty Pictures. Again tonight giving it there all, spending there last ounces of energy, for a well deserved rest, after another UK tour comes to a close, hopefully on the next one, they'll be moving on to bigger and better things and Venues hopefully and a new set list would be nice too!

To The Bone – 3/5
Zico Chain – 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Zico Chain


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