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It Dies Today, Malfice, Forever Never
Camden, Underworld
23rd January 2010
Photo Of Kittie © Copyright Ellie PockleyTonight Camden Underworld had an unbelievable line up of amazing up and coming support bands Forever Never, Malefice and It Dies Today who all deliver an above average performance and keep the crowd nicely entertained.
The time arrived for Kittie to claim there spotlight on stage, at this point the show could go two ways. It could go either very calm or absolutely chaotic but that was to be proven within two seconds. As Kittie entered the stage the crowed let out a roar that almost shaked the floor, everyone was in a frenzy as they danced along to opening song My Plague. Each band member brings a refreshing presence to the stage and this being a presence that some bands lack, in other words Kittie have a very original style. Morgan Lander who is one of the best female vocalists I have seen in a long time regularly addresses and jokes with the crowd, a crowd that not once throughout Kitties set stayed static but that's not surprising considering their amazing set-list. ‘What I Always Wanted’ was clearly the best song of the night, with absolutely everyone singing or dancing along. Tonight Kittie proved they are a lot more than just a “chick band” which they are sometimes referred to as. They delivered an amazing performance which is just unmissable, a must see band for future reference.

Kittie 5/5

Review By Ellie Pockley


Morgan Lander (Vocals, Guitar)
Mercedes Lander (Drums)
Tara McLeod (Lead Guitar)
Ivy Vujic (Bass)

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