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Twenty Twenty
The New Cities, Jody Has A Hit List
Birmingham, Academy 3
26th January 2010
Twenty Twenty    The New Cities    Jody Has A Hit List
Photo Of Jody Has A Hit List © Copyright Robert LawrenceOk so I missed the opening act, due to time running over for the interview with Twenty Twenty that I did. It was also bloody warm in the academy 2 tonight, full of screaming scene kids, that are just screaming for the sake of it, I'm sure!

First band I catch is Jody's has a hit list, a 5 piece band from Ireland,wasmt really sure of the some of the songs they played tonight, but playing two covers helped, having no setlist can be a pain sometimes, but id say the songs consisted of being pop/punk rock, real radio friendly stuff, but the covers they played were pretty decent, Tik Tok by Ke$ha and Bad Romance by Lady Ga Ga. Having a harder edge to there sound and lyrics wouldn't do them any harm, as I find it all a bit soft to my liking, but the crowd loved every pop minute of it. There good musicians for sure, decent poppy riffs, solid if simple drumming, the vocalist has a decent voice, the covers are a good touch to get the crowd singing along, but it also shows,either, a lack of confidence in there own material or just a lack of material, either way less or no covers next time!

Photo Of Twenty Twenty © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext band up was electro pop rock band The New Cities from Canada, more radio friendly music, abit more to my tastes adding some synth in there, especially during the 2nd or 3rd song, with a good portion of it being instrumental, that was a stand piece that I enjoyed, with a lot going on in the songs, but seemingly keeping it simple so nothing gets lost in the mix. Songs that featured tonight included, Hypertronic Superstar,Dead End Countdown, Let it be Clear and Sinking Has Never Been So Easy, all good tracks, if a little lengthy at times, perhaps a stronger emphasis on the electro part may win them a different crowd, but it was good stuff, they also put on a good show by moving about a bit and looking like there enjoying the music they were playing and the crowd yet again loved every minute of it!

Twenty Twenty MAke there way to the stage with there own intro playing to massive screams from the crowd. They open there set with, Worlds apart which is followed by, Loves a Freak and Third Time Lucky. Tell Me a Secret, seems to be an attempt at a big sounding song but it falls well short, as the song isn't loud enough or isn't hard enough to pull it off. Its more pop rock like the other bands, all having there different take it, and Twenty Twenty seem to have as much as a polished act as The New Cities, but the one thing I don't get is how they band have become this big in such a short amount of time, there isn't a real difference to bands that have been doing the same thing only doing so for longer, seems almost manufactured. Other songs they played were, Forever, Tomorrow, Burning up and the encore and new single Get Down, the crowd going pretty much mental for the entire set, as the guys did there thing on an almost bare stage!

Jody Has A Hit List – 3/5
The New Cities – 4/5
Twenty Twenty - 4/5

Review By robetr Lawrence

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