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Napalm Death
Anaal Nathrakh, The Rotted, Warlord UK
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
9th January 2010
Napalm Death      Anaal Nathrakh      The Rotted       Warlord UK
Photo Of Warlord UK © Copyright Robert LawrenceGetting into the wulfrun hall tonight, and having a look around it was easy to see that some of the crowd has stayed at home tonight, there are even tables and chairs at the back of the hall, quiet surprising really as there are a few west midlands bands on show tonight, id have thought the crowd would have braved the bitterly cold weather tonight and showed some support!

The first band i managed to catch was Warlord UK, its sound is some kind of thrash/death metal, i certainly see the thrash that drifts into death metal, the vocals are death growls but to my surprise i can understand what is said. The band is technically proficient in what they do, the drumming is precise and solid, the lead guitarist is pretty decent with some great solos in the songs although while playing them she seems to be imploding into some sort of ball as she seems to be focusing herself into the few inches of fret board that shes shredding on, the bass is low and rumbling under the drums and guitars. The music is heavy and melodic while being pretty ferocious at the same time! Overall its a really decent set from this Birmingham band although im not a fan of the vocals thats my only real grievance with them.

Photo Of ~The Rotted © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up were the rotted,a death/punk metal type band. The band, alot more active than the previous band and the singer didn't look like he knew if he was coming or going with his constant pacing of the stage and spitting in every direction except for the photographers pit, thank fuck! The singer was also a tad cliche with his anti Christianity/government dribble in between songs, i got nowt against free speech but save it for a conference with bono and geldof! Back to the music,while the band is pretty tight alot of the music seems to be grinding and repetative plus adding my dislike of the vocalist im just not happy and bored!

Anaal Nathrakh were the main support tonight,the double kick drums seem to drown out almost everything seems to be there brand of death metal, with the lead guitarist sneaking in under there, what you could hear was grinding away in the the mix, with solos popping there heads above the grind when it was its time to shine! the set got off slowly but came to life when Final Absolution was played, then it seemed to go back down to the grind with the bass drum murdering almost everything yet again, The vocals yet again growls, don't bands like to have a good variety of diverse bands on tour? Apparently not!

Photo Of Anaal Nathrakh © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe Crowd at this stage have finally moved away from the bar and into the main hall, but still seem to be standing in groups instead of one big one, the area at the front of the venue seems more full now than it has been for the whole gig with people showing some life as has been previously missing for most of the gig!

Napalm Death, legends in there own right kick off late into the night, coming on at around 10pm, Im not much of fan as i dont listen to this sort of music but am aware of who they are and what they've done. but i don't know what many of the songs are called! so my apologies and there was no set list either to peak at! So pretty much in the dark for the songs they played. What i didn't need a set list for was how well they played, still tight after all these years but with effortless ease, with mark doing his bambey on ice impression, due to water on the floor and his energetic antics,he spent some of the first 3 songs on his arse but still growling to the music, eventually the mess was cleared up after numerous attempts to sort it out, it gone done! The crowd came to life after the Photo Of Napalm Death © Copyright Robert Lawrencesupport acts but as the night was made up by mostly west midlands bands, the crowd could have been more lively! The sound was to be as expected very aggressive bordering on violence, as i saw in the crowd some having too much sauce and getting a bit rowdy! Songs they did play, was Scum, Diktat, Time waits for no slave and strong arm and siege of power, thats only because i asked a few fans, after explaining im not a fan of the band much to there surprise and probable disgust! Overall it was a really great performance from Napalm Death, but it did wane abit in the middle, but over all the fans were happy and i was entertained!

Napalm Death 4/5
Anaal Nathrakh 3/5
The Rotted 2/5
Warlord UK 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Napalm Death

Mark "Barney" Greenway (Vocals)
Shane Embury (Bass)
Mitch Harris (Guitar, Vocals)
Danny Herrera (Drums)

 Anaal Nathrakh

Mick Kenney
Dave Hunt

 The Rotted

Ben McCrow
Tim Carley
Nate Gould
Reverend Trudgill

 Warlord UK

Mark White
Daniella Tarna
Gary Thomas
Ben Dunn

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