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Heavens Basement
Dear Superstar, Sworn To Oath
Manchester, Academy
17th December 2009
Heavens Basement      Dear superstar        Sworn To Oath
Scheduled opening act New Device are unable to make it to tonight’s proceedings, so unless you didn’t already know New Device aren’t three hairy blokes from the Midlands. Sworn To Oath are the band to step in, and they are the self proclaimed ‘metal’ portion of the evening. And by gosh are they metal? Sworn To Oath take helm of their musical juggernaut and bang out a thoroughly enjoyable half hour of songs that one might expect to hear at the gates of hell.

Just when you thought the ‘metal’ was over for the evening, out step five heavily tattooed men known as Dear Superstar. Whilst Dear Superstar are a squeaky-clean, polished version of the previous act, they certainly know how to cut the mustard with their metal-friendly counterparts. They certainly have the look, tight sleeveless t-shirts, bandanas hanging out of pockets and messy hair, it’s all very Mötley Crüe, but will their music live up to their image?

In short, yes it does. What follows is forty minutes of pure head-banging, mic swinging rock ‘n’ roll. Lead singer Micky Satiar bounds around the stage ensuring that all eyes are kept firmly on him. They certainly have swagger, enough pomp to keep the X Factor rolling for the next ten years, but they can actually write a decent song. From tonight’s performance it is evident that Dear Superstar are actually superstars in the making.

Heaven’s Basement have come a long way since the days when they were Hurricane Party, the poodle perms and eyeliner still remains, but their musical abilities have certainly progressed in leaps and bounds. Tonight they are playing to a sizeable crowd at the Manchester Academy 3, yet from the sheer brilliance of some of their songs, it is difficult to comprehend why they aren’t playing much bigger venues. Then you begin to wonder what kind of fans Heaven’s Basement attracts. From looking round tonight it certainly isn’t a Radio 2 audience, or Radio 1. In fact, I think this is where the problem lies, Heaven’s Basement are for those who have fond memories of 80s hair metal, and it is only during very brief periods of tonight’s set where you catch glimpses of them transcending into the here and now.

Regardless of this, Heaven’s Basement are a fantastic live band. It is obvious that this is what comes naturally to them. Songs such as ‘Such Is Life’ are eye-wateringly beautiful and if there is any justice in the world all of their hard work will pay off. However, I do fear that this may never happen. Luckily, there is the old saying that history repeats itself, whether or not you’d want to experience the 80s again is irrelevant, Heaven’s Basement deserve it.

Sworn To Oath 4/5
Dear Superstar 4/5
Heavens Basement 5/5

Review By Ben Connell

 Heavens Basement


 Dear Superstar

Micky Satiar (Vocals)
Smeth (Lead Guitar)
Milton Gunns (Rythm Guitar)
Amadeus (Bass Guitar)
The Minge (Drums)

 Sworn To Oath

Tom Shaw
Al Junior

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