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Set Your Goals
Broadway Calls, Fireworks
Manchester, Academy
13th December 2009
Set Your Goals               Broadway Calls       Fireworks
Although the temperature outside is easily approaching the minuses, tonight’s first band, Fireworks, do an excellent job of warming up the frostbitten crowd. Their debut full length ‘All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion’ is an instant pop-punk classic, and live, it is perfectly recreated. With New Found Glory hooks and Hit The Lights-esque vocals aplenty, Fireworks are on the cusp of something great. Until now Fireworks have been America’s best kept pop-punk secret, but from the reception they get tonight, something tells me we could be hearing an awful lot more of them in 2010.

Next up are Broadway Calls who are here to bring their highly infectious, skate-punk to the fore. The one thing about Broadway Calls is that whatever they do, they seem to be able to do with ease. Though they may not have delivered the energetic performance of the band that preceded them, Broadway Calls definitely have something that their contemporary’s lack, they are refreshing. They are three guys playing straight forward pop-punk, there are no synthesisers, no nasally, whiney breakdowns, all the things that seem to be so reminiscent of current similar offerings. They have balls.

Set Your Goals haven’t done a headline tour of the UK in a long time, but after tonight’s performance they are forgiven. Fresh from releasing their incredible sophomore record ‘This Will Be the Death of Us’, Set Your Goals inundate the audience with song after song off both this release and their first album ‘Mutiny!’ Perhaps the lull in energy that came along with Broadway Calls gave the crowd a bit of breathing space as Set Your Goals manage to whip the eager crowd into a frenzy as soon as ‘Summer Jam’ kicks in and the pace continues throughout the whole of their set, encouraging the more courageous of the throng to throw some serious shapes and launch themselves around, and off, the stage.

Set Your Goals rather unsurprisingly end the night with their 2006 single ‘Mutiny!’ which gives everyone a final chance to bid goodbye to the Californian sextet. Tonight Set Your Goals were faultless, all we can do is cross our fingers in the hope that they grace our shores in the not too distant future. Each person left the very crowded Manchester Academy 3 feeling like they had been to the best party of their life. That’s the Set Your Goals experience.

Fireworks 5/5
Broadway Calls 5/5
Set Your Goals 5/5

Review By Ben Connell

 Set Your Goals

Matt Wilson
Jordan Brown
Joe Saucedo
Michael Ambrose
Audelio Flores
Daniel Coddaire

 Broadway Calls

Ty Vaughn
Matt Koenig
Josh Baird


Brett Jones
Chris Mojan
David Mackinder
Kyle O'Neil
Tymm Rengers

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