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Marilyn Manson
Birmingham, Academy
13th December 2009
Marilyn Manson      
Photo Of Marilyn Manson © Copyright TriggerOne of the first gigs that I ever went to was in January 2001 when Marilyn Manson played the NEC in Birmingham, I remember the show well, I had seating tickets and was blown away by the massive stage show that Marilyn Manson had and how loud and heavy they came across live, since then I have seen the band play at many festivals and enjoyed every single one of them including their recent appearance at Download festival where they got pretty much slated by every press person attending the festival maybe the few beers I had helped me enjoy the show more than others did or maybe they just don’t like Marilyn Manson in general, either way I was really looking forward to tonight’s show as it is the first time I have seen Marilyn Manson headline a show since 2001 and I was well looking forward to their stage show and getting to photograph them for the one song the press were authorised for.

Photo Of Marilyn Manson © Copyright TriggerBefore I mention the actual show I would also like to say that tonight was my last gig of 2009 and also my first time at the brand new academy in Birmingham, a venue which I now have a very mixed opinion on as the venue is slightly out of the way being on a massive main road on the other side of town, from the outside the venue looks pretty smart and the fact that it is 3 venues built into one where 3 gigs can be on at any one time is pretty impressive, but inside the main Academy when we arrive tonight it is like Piccadilly Circus with people trying to get in and out of the main room with a massive blockage and not much movement due to this but by the end of the show things were steady with a lot of room to move about and the sound was so much better than the old venue but to be honest the sound in an old tin barn would be better than the sound in the old Academy.

So we got into the Academy just as the support band Esoterica were playing there last song so I don’t really have anything creative to say about them as one song is not enough to gain a true opinion whilst also taking in the new Academy, there was a good 35 minute wait until Marilyn Manson took to the stage so I went and took my place in front of the crowd with the rest of the photographers waiting for the show to start.

Photo Of Marilyn Manson © Copyright TriggerFinally the music stopped, the room went dark as the curtains opened and the room filled up in smoke with a dark silhouette of Marilyn Manson lurking the middle of the stage as he shined his nice new pair of laser gloves whilst marching closer to the front of the stage to the notes of ‘Cruci-Fiction In Space’ the moment was a Marilyn Manson fan’s dream but a photographers nightmare as the massive mixture of deep smoke, and nonexistent lighting whilst not being able to use a flash caused for a lot of hard work and strain on every one’s camera with the end result being a lot of poor photos, as soon as the song was over the security were quick to escort us out of the photo pit, I then headed to the back of the room to watch the rest of the show.

Marilyn Manson were not messing around tonight when it came to playing big songs, they fired straight into ‘Disposable Teens’, ‘Pretty As A Swastika’ and then everyone’s favourite heavy song ‘Irresponsible Hate Anthem’ which had the 3000 odd people in the Academy tonight throwing their middle finger in the air whilst chanting “I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers”. ‘Four Rusted Horses’ was next on the list to be played; the song is currently my favourite song on the new Marilyn Manson album and it went down a treat with everyone singing and rocking along.

Photo Of Marilyn Manson © Copyright TriggerThe set list was a pretty big mix of songs new and old but I did find it odd that no song’s were played from ‘The Golden Age Of Grotesque’ and ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’ and they also didn’t play ‘Arma Goddam-MotherFucking-Geddon’ which happens to be the lead single of the latest Marilyn Manson album ‘The High End Of Low’ and what made it even odder was the fact they were selling t-shirts with that song and the lyrics plastered all over it but there was no sign of the song being played.

The other thing that I was disappointed with was the stage show, it was pretty much non-existent like the lighting tonight, instead of having Manson walking on stilts and being lifted high up into the air whilst having a massive Alice Cooper style theatre show we had Manson with his laser gloves, Manson handing towels out into the crowd and burning a bible and that was pretty much it, it seemed that they recent credit crunch has hit everyone including Manson and his stage show, however Manson did make up for this with the quantity and quality of songs, each and every song came across in a hard hitting way sounding so much more heavier than they do on record.

Photo Of Marilyn Manson © Copyright TriggerThe set finished with a cover of ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Nigga’ with Manson and his band leaving the stage for a few minutes before returning for a blistering version of ‘The Beautiful People’, as soon as the show was over everyone left the venue to take to the streets of Birmingham whilst buying knockoff merchandise from the touts surrounding the venues.

Overall I was disappointed with the lack of stage show but impressed with how the band made up for it with their energetic and heavy ways leaving me wanting to see them again as soon as the show was over.


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