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Monster Magnet
Karma To Burn
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun hall
11th December 2009
Monster Magnet        Karma To Burn   
Photo Of Karma To Burn © Copyright Robert LawrenceDue to abysmal public transport, and train delays, i missed the opening act, its also another shitty December night, raining and windy as hell!

Karma to Burn are the main support tonight, the 3 guys come out and start some heavy metal riffing, im expecting a singer to make an appearance, but there isn't one, taking a closer look at the set list, its made up of numbers, 8, 19, 30, 43 etc, the music is riff heavy and bass heavy at times, the drumming is pretty decent, the band is very tight, plus with just being an instrumental act no need to worry about a possible troublesome singer! While the songs are all different, after a while it all started to feel the same, also the lack of guitar solos, to add a crescendo to the songs is sadly lacking, the songs they just finish. There's no doubting there a decent band, but there act wears a bit boring after a while.

Photo Of Monster Magnet © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter a short interlude, Monster Magnet made there way onto the stage, opening with Dopes to infinity, i noticed that it was an early 90s sounds, that i enjoyed from my youth, having not heard of Monster Magnet before, i knew i was going to enjoy this set. One thing i noticed was the constant use of vocal effects to give the vocals an echo, which was cool to begin with but grew tiresome after a while. The drumming was really goo and solid as was the bass player who like to throw himself about a bit almost hitting me while i was shooting,luckily i saw him coming as i was shooting him at the time, both guitarist were pretty decent, the lead being particularly stand out for the solos, and looking like he fell out of the mid 90s too!, not sure why Dave Wyndorf had a guitar,as he hardly seemed to be playing it. The crowd tonight seemed to be largely made up of middle aged rockers, leading to a lot of head nodding, but not much movement in the crowd, there was not crush at the front which you normally find at most gigs these days, Songs that featured in there set incluced, Crop Circle, Power trip, Twin Earth, Radiation Day, The Right Stuff and the mother fucker Laden Space lord, which was a definite fan favorite as the whole crowd sang along, After a quick Break the encore ensued, Melt, Cage Around the Sun, Tractor and set closer Spine of God, were the encore songs, but i didnt really enjoy them as much as the other songs, im sure the crowd will disagree, as they left to head out into the shitty weather, looking pretty pleased.

Karma To Burn 3/5
Monster Magnet 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Monster Magnet

Dave Wyndorf
Ed Mundell
Phil Caivano
Jim Baglino
Bob Pantella

 Karma To Burn

William Mecum
Rich Mullins
Rob Oswald

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