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Gunfire 76
Bullets And Octane, Wooden Boy
Birmingham, Academy 2
6th December 2009
Gunfire 76                  Bullets And Ocatane      Wooden Boy
Photo Of Bullets And Octane © Copyright Robert LawrenceGetting to the Academy tonight, just before the doors opened wasnt a bad idea, not too much waiting around in the Birmingham winter air, looking at the line there wasn't many there as it turns out that by the time Gunfire 76 made it to the stage, there wasnt much of a crowd, i doubt the academy 2 tonight was even a quarter full.

Opening straight up rock three piece was wooden boy from Telford, well not a band of many words between songs as the front man/guitarist only really piped up before the last song, While there set was under way, the crowd wasn't interested except for one girl rocking out on her own, as it happens it was the singers girlfriend. The Drumming was straight forward and steady, the guitar wasn't particularly heavy or catchy, just kind of generic really, so many bands out there that are better than these guys, but i guess it goes to show, its who you know that gets you ahead, all the songs pretty much sounded the same, I'm sure they weren't but it wasnt exciting stuff.

Photo Of Gunfire 76 © Copyright Robert LawrenceMain Support was Bullets and Octane, a band that ive heard of for a long time but never actully seen or listened to any of there material up until rectently, guess that just makes me lazy! They opened with Sweet Dreams, its not a band opener a decent rock track but it doesn't really set me alight, neither does the following opening tracks which are, Bad things and Going Blind, one song that got my attention was My Disease, much better than the opening tracks, I also noticed that the crowd came to life following the opening act. The front man putting on a great show, doing alot of pointing and getting the crowd involved, which was good to see, the performance of the band seemed tight, they sounded good playing songs such as Pirates, Never going down, Cancer Ca and set closer Savior, which was a decent set closer, the crowd looks to be getting there monies worth tonight!

After a short wait the Main band was finally upon us, Gunfire 76,another Wednesday 13 project, opening the set with a decent song off the Photo Of Gunfire 76 © Copyright Robert Lawrencenew album, it may have been 'lets kill the hero', couldn't tell you for sure as there was no set list to peek at, but what you couldn't mistake was his signature voice sounding as good as ever! Two songs i know they played, which is more of the straight up rock sound compared to his W13s other side projects, and the lyrics seem bit more serous and less tongue in cheek, the two songs, Nothings all i need and Rocket to know where, nothings al i need being my favorite gunfire 76 song. W13 seems in a playful mood bouncing around the stage falling down every now and again, giving it his all and he puts on a great show, with no real let up towards the end of the set but what i didn't like was the fact he didn't know the name of the opening act as to his claims that he only got up an hour ago and has been drinking,rock and roll for sure, but disrespectful of the opening band! The rest of the band, they genrally leave the shenanigans to W13, just getting on with there job, showing signs of life, they sound tight all through the set. This was a good night out, but compared to Wednesday 13s other band of the same name, not as exciting or catchy, but cant be ignored either.

Wooden Boy 2/5
Bullets And Octane 4/5
Wednesday 13 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Gunfire 76

Wednesday 13 (Vocals)
Roman Surman (Guitar)
Dave Muselman (Guitar)
Scott Whalen (Bass)
Rob Hammersmith (Drums)

 Bullets And Octane

Gene Louis (Vocals)
Kevin Besignano (Guitar)
Jack Tankersley (Guitar)
Brent Clawson (Bass)
Brian Totten (Drums)

 Wooden Boy

Rob Davies (Guitar/Vocals)
Guy Earnshaw (Bass)
Gaz Ayres (Drums)

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