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Alice Cooper
Man Raze
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
1st December 2009
Alice Cooper                    Man Raze     
After hanging out with the man raze guys conducting an interview then having a general chit chat, then finally concluding the epic task of finding a plain black scarf, it was time for the gig. And the curse of wolverhampton continued, i was on the guest list to get in, but the problem arose when i was minus a photo pass, after much searching and some waiting, Ronan, Man Razes tour manger (i assume) sorted me one out! Thanks Mate!

Main support, Man Raze, consisting of Def Leppards guitarist Paul Collen, the sex pistols drummer, Paul Cook, and Ex Girl bass player Simon Laffy, They Opened with This Is, not a bad opener but like there debut album 'Surreal' in which this song features, it all sounds laid back, its not a bad thing, the guys on stage have decent stage presence on this rather large Civic Hall stage. They sound really tight and much better than there album performance. They share some crowd banter, and they dedicate a Jimi Hendrix Cover 'Stand Next to Your Fire' a really decent cover. They defiantly sit in the alt rock genre and coming from a classic rock background there doing it with great aplomb! They close there set with 'Turn It Up', a good set closer and also there latest single. It was a decent performance with a middle of the road sound, perhaps just setting a solid base to work up from, i look forward to seeing them again with new material.

Alice Cooper, a man i've seen live twice before an throughly enjoyed it, in fact as far a performance goes probably in the top 5 best performances i've ever seen, and tonight i was expecting to be entertained yet again. He opened up with 'Schools out' a classic AC track updated with heavier guitars, sounding tip top. Tonights set list made up of mostly staple songs like 'I'm Eighteen', 'Welcome to my Nightmare', and one of his most recognised songs 'Poison', which to my surprise was played early on as its normally played late on. The one thing that is really disappointed me was the absence of 'Feed my Frankenstein', as this song sounds great live and is my personal favourite. The pacing of the set seemed off to me as it really lagged in the middle and lost some momentum. The set as ever is a mammoth affair playing 25 songs in total, they closed there set with a reprise of Schools out ending the set with a feel good factor, which cant be faulted. Its not the best performance i've seen, but compared to most bands, its still pretty damned good, i mean how many bands kill themselves on stage with the noose, guillotine and been driven through with spikes in an iron maiden! and give alot of stuff to the crowd be it Dirty diamonds during the song of the same name and hundred dollars with Alice's head on during Billion Dollar babies. Its more like Theatre than a gig, but still great, but just off tonight, due to a slightly poor choice in songs chosen and a slightly poor order of songs effecting the pacing, but as i said his gigs are better than most.

Man Raze - 4/5
Alice Cooper – 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper

 Man Raze

Phil Collen
Simon Laffy
Paul Cook

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