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Tatse Of Chaos Tour
Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Every Time I Die
Bristol, Academy
28th November 2009
Killswitch Engage                 In Flames                         Every Time I Die
Photo Of Every Time I Die © Copyright Trigger
The Taste Of Chaos tour is an annual rock tour that started off back in 2005 and has been classed as the winter and heavier version of the Warped tour and the good thing about the tour is that it branches away from America and also tours all over Europe, when the tour first took place in 2005 it had a massive line up of The Used, Story Of The Year, Killswitch Engage, Rise Against, Funeral For A Friend and also played massive venues such as Brixton Academy and Birmingham Nia, now the tour is on its fifth anniversary it seems to be a bit more low scale playing the smaller Academy sized venues in the UK and only having 4 bands on the bill which happened to be Maylene And The Son Of Disaster, Every Time I Die, In Flames and Killswitch Engage, could this be down to the credit crunch or could it be down to the fact that the Taste Of Chaos tour has already ran out of steam?

So we got into the Academy slightly late missing the first band Maylene And The Son Of Disaster who were on pretty much as soon as the door’s opened, however we got inside the venue minutes before Every Time I Die took to the stage and I have to say it was very interesting watching them play.

Photo Of In Flames © Copyright TriggerThe Academy in Bristol is one of the smallest Academy venues around and the stage is also so small and due to the amount of bands playing tonight a lot of equipment was needed so when Every Time I Die took to the stage they were so far forward that they were nearly stood in with the crowd as the stage was packed behind them with In Flames and Killswitch Engage’s equipment, however this didn’t stop Every Time I Die from rocking out as they played an energetic set with front man Keith Buckley running around as much as he could, dodging the drum kit and other obstacles on stage whilst screaming his lungs out, his fellow band mates were loving every minute of the set especially their current touring drummer Ryan Leger. Every Time I Die a good 30 minute set which featured a mixture of songs old and new such as ‘Bored Stiff’, ‘Floater’ and ‘Wanderlust’, the only thing that stood in the way of them having an truly amazing set was the lack of room they had on stage which obviously effected their hectic ways slightly.

Photo Of In Flames © Copyright TriggerNext up was the Swedish metal five piece who finally returned to the UK after cancelling their UK tour with the Cancer Bats earlier in the year, the set up for In Flames was much better than Every Time I Go as more equipment was moved off the stage to make way for In Flames, chants of “In Flames” welcomed the band on to the stage tonight and they blasted off straight into a massive jamming session with a mad flutter of strobe lighting , the crowd got well into the music of In Flames from the start with people jumping about and singing along. Frontman Anders Friden did extremely well with his wide range of vocals coming across even better live than they do on record, guitarists Bjorn and Jesper spent the set knocking out thunderous guitar riffs whilst swapping the side of the stage they were stood on throughout. Anders spent a lot of time interacting with the crowd and also inviting a young member of the crowd to come up on stage and film one of the songs with his compact camera with Anders urging him to upload the video to You Tube when he gets home. In Flames played a blistering set which included songs such as ‘Leeches’, ‘Trigger’, ‘Pinball Map’ and the fantastic ‘Take This Life’ which got the crowd excited. Every time In Flames finished a song there was more chants of “In Flames”, this had me wondering if the majority of the crowd were here to see In Flames rather than Killswitch Engage.

Photo Of Killswitch Engage © Copyright TriggerIt was a 30minute wait for Killswitch Engage to take to the stage, that time quickly came around, the lights in the Academy dipped and circus style music played as the members of Killswitch Engage took to the stage where their latest piece of merchandise t-shirt which happened to be a white t-shirt with a print to make it look like a tuxedo, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz was as crazy as ever, wearing the same as all the other band members but in addition he had a black scarf wrapped around his head and a Killswitch Engage superman style cape, the stage show that Killswitch Engage had was pretty basic with 5 men basically having a good time with a massive set of screens behind them on stage displaying their name and various different shapes and colours whilst they played.

Frontman Howard Jones had a smile on his face from start to finish and the majority of the time didn’t need to sing the more melodic parts of songs as the crowd were perfectly singing the songs word for word perfect, Adam Dutkiewicz spent the majority of the show running back and forth like a mental case playing his guitar and on the odd occasion that he spoke to the crowd he came out with the randomist of things like he always does.

Photo Of Killswitch Engage © Copyright TriggerThe crowd for Killswitch Engage was very energetic with people moshing for the whole set, Adam also called for the crowd to do the wall off death which went down really well with the crowd being split into two sides and then being forced to charge at each other, towards the end of the set it was crowd surfing central with 3 or 4 people going crowd surfing at any one time which kept the security busy but from where I was standing they appeared to be a little too heavy handed on the crowd surfers.

Killswitch Engage played a wide number of old and new songs but the highlights for myself was when they played ‘My Last Serenade’ and the closing track which was a cover of ‘Eye Of A Tiger’.

All in all it was a very eventful night, I feel Every Time I Die drew the short straw having to play with a major lack of room, In Flames played a blistering set like they were headlining and Killswitch Engage just blew me away with their sheer energy and positive vibe.

Every Time I Die 3/5
In Flames 5/5
Killswitch Engage 5/5

Review By Trigger

 Killswitch Engage

Howard Jones
Mike D'Antonio
Adam Dutkiewicz
Justin Foley
Joel Stroetzel

 In Flames

Anders Fridén
Jesper Strömblad
Björn Gelotte
Peter Iwers
Daniel Svensson

 Every Time I Die

Keith Buckley (Vocals)
Andrew Williams (Guitar)
Jordan Buckley (Guitar)
Josh Newton (Bass Guitar)

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