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Lily Allen
Swindon, Oasis Centre
22nd November 2009
Lily Allen                               
Photo Of Lily Allen © Copyright TriggerTonight we headed to the Oasis Centre in a Swindon, a venue which is a themed swimming pool and sport centre by day and a gig venue every now and again by night, we arrived at the Oasis Centre at 7.30pm it took us a long time to get parked after the parking attendants sent us in a strange direction that we ended up on a random jolly boys outing for 20 minutes whilst trying to figure out how to get to the main car park, we managed to get there in the end and made our way by foot to the front door of the venue in the freezing cold wet and windy weather.

When we got into the Oasis Centre we had a look around at the merch and noticed that Lily Allen programmes were on sale at £10 each, now this caught my eye as I’m not used to seeing programmes being on sale at gigs but then again I don’t really go to many pop concerts and can’t see my favourite metal and punk bands putting a booklet together of their favourite photos and selling it for £10, anyway it seemed to be a winner as there was forever a queue for people buying the programmes.

Photo Of Lily Allen © Copyright TriggerAfter a quick drink at the bar and a bit of waiting around I made my way to the front of the stage to join the rest of the photographers in the photopit, Lily Allen was due on at 8.45pm, at 8.55pm the crowd became impatient and started chanting “Lily, Lily” really loud, it took another 5 minutes later for the lighting to dim and the backing curtain to swing open whilst Lily Allen’s backing band took to the stage with Lily following them on seconds later dressed in a stunning tight fitted black dress, big high heeled black shoes and one of her finest black wigs with a perfect fringe, Lily started off by teasing the crowd saying that she knows who got kicked out of the X-factor, she then laughed and announced that Jedward had been kicked out of X-factor which had a bit of a mixed reaction on the crowd but answered the question on why she was late coming on stage.

Lily starts off with ‘Everyone’s at It’ and she oozes with style and class on stage as she walks back and forth whilst singing along perfectly to the song as well as breaking out in a funky dance every now and again to let the strong 3000 people in the Oasis Centre tonight that she is there to have the time of her life, Lily then played ‘LDN’, ‘Back To The Start’ and ‘22’ all in a row and each and every song gained a good reaction from the crowd with so many people singing along word for word.

Photo Of Lily Allen © Copyright TriggerLilly Allen is a live artist who has a stage show that you are always going to remember, she had a massive TV screen which showed images of herself on stage, she poured pints of Guinness on stage from her own beer tap and passed the pints to people in the front of the audience, she also had three very short breaks to change outfits and remove her wig to show off her natural hair.

The highlights of the show for me was hearing Lily Allen’s cover versions of the classic Kooks song ‘Naive’, the Mark Ronson collaboration of ‘Oh My God’ and also hearing her perform ‘Smile’ live whilst hearing 3000 people sing the song word for word back to her, at the end of smile Professor Green came on and did a bit of rapping alongside Lily’s vocals, he was a bit of an Eminem wannabe but for someone who the crowd had never heard of before he went down really well.

Another highlight of the show was hearing everyone sing along the uber catchy ‘Fuck You’ and then the closing song of ‘It’s Not Fair’ which was heavily remixed and a song that I never wanted to end, the only downside of the show was that Lily Allen didn’t play ‘Womanizer’ which was on her set list, but after the late start due to the X-factor time wasn’t on Lily’s side and I shouldn’t of been so nosey to check out the set list.

Lily has come along way since she first came on the music scene, she is a fashion goddess and also a musical goddess and she ran the show tonight in both the musical and fashion sense.

Lily Allen – 5/5

Review By Trigger

 Lily allen

Lily Allen (Vocals)

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