Gig Review

Five Finger Death Punch
Shadow Fall, Rise To Remain, Magna Cult
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
24th November 2009
Five Finger Death Punch        Shadow Fall         Rise To Remain     Magna Cult
Getting into the Wulfrun today, no troubles at all, abit wet but trouble free, could get used to this sort of hassel free gig entry!

First up was Magna Cult, from the off it seemed like there was only one grinding riff, then it continued across there set, all there songs sounded pretty much the same, same riff, drum beat, bass line, im sure the vocals were different but who could tell. They were fairly lively on stage and i have to say there bass player was a scary looking dude, his hair was awesome but on him scary too! The fans there eventually got into it by the end of there set, maybe beacuse it was ending or there was something worth getting a bit rowdy over, either way it didn't last long!

Next up was Rise to Remain, a band certainly on the rise after playing download festival and bloodstock after only forming in 2008! I can see why, there riffs are pretty tasty and there are some decent melodic heavy moments, that catch the attention, there certainly doing better than the previous band. The music at times was pretty bass heavy, bad mix perhaps and the singers melodic singing needs some fine tuning, he got better after the opening tracks because they sounded badly out of tune, but a standout was the guitar solos, they were ripping most of the time, with the guitarist pulling faces as he bent strings! These guys put on a good live show, with some decent songs, not bad.

Main headliners were Shadows Fall, after listening to there latest release,i was fairly impressed with it, so i was hoping for a performance that was atleast on par with it. Sadly i was disappointed, a lot of there songs seemed very repetitive, the solos that sounded great on Cd didn't sound all that good live. There a tight band, but honestly i got board after a few songs. The rhythm guitarist didnt look like he was feeling it either tonight whilst the lead guitarist looked like he was having a damn good time out on stage, Not sure if im a fan of the melodic/scream combo, good on CD live not so sure. Brian, i have to say amazed me with the length of his dreads, i knew they were long but bloody hell! i had to dodge them a few times while in the photo pit. They didn't put on a bad performance but i wasn't thrilled by it either, even when Brian did a forward flip into the crowd, i just wasn't that captivated by the music.

Finally after a wait which seemed to go on and on, Five Finger Death Punch finally came on to chants of there band name! Ivan was wearing a Wolverhampton Wanders goalkeeper shirt, which was good of him. They Launched into there set with Burn it Down, an apt choice as the crowd were going mental! They followed this up with Salvation and then way of the fist an energetic choice for openers, as the crowd were loving what they were hearing, and the band sounding like a tight set up live. For some reason Ivan decided to open a bottle of water right above me trying to get the crowd and himself wet, got a bit soggy but nothing to bad as it was pissing it down with rain outside as i was coming into the Wulfrun Hall tonight. Songs that also featured were Bulletproof, Bad Company and Knuckles! There energy just kept coming from these guys putting on such a good live performance with the odd bit of banter between songs and getting the crowd to sing in songs too. They Closed there Set with there probable most well known and massive fan favorite The Bleeding, a brilliant closer, that sent the crowd back out into the rain, past 11pm to cool down after a pretty decent gig.

Magna Cult 2/5
Rise To Remain 3/5
Shadows Fall 3/5
Five Finger Death Punch 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Five Finger Death Punch

Ivan Moody
Zoltan Bathory
Jason Hook
Matt Snell
Jeremy Spencer

 Shadow Fall

Brian Fair
Jonathan Donais
Matt Bachand
Paul Romanko
Jason Bittner

 Rise To Remain

Austin Dickinson (Vocals)
Will Homer (Guitar)
Ben Tovey (Guitar)
Joe Copcutt (Bass)
Pat Lundy (Drums)

 Magna Cult

Sebastiaan (Lead Vocals)
Tom (Guitars)
D. (Guitars)
Spit (Bass, Vocals)
Bionic (Drums)

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