Gig Review

The Fall Of Troy
Twin Atlantic, Chickenhawk
Manchester, Academy
18th November 2009
The Fall Of Troy          Twin Atlantic               Chickenhawk     
Under normal circumstances I would avoid watching a band named Chickenhawk. But when you are a reviewer you have to throw all of your preconceptions aside, and open your mind to the often wonderful and slightly weird concept that we know and love, as music. I should mention that “Chickenhawk” is a name given to a political person, or group that is strongly in favour of war, yet they actively avoided getting involved with any business of that sort when they were of age. It isn’t actually a clucking, bird of prey that could easily take your eyes out, yet provide you with breakfast at the same time.

So it was with trepidation that I stood and watched the aforementioned band. From the offset I didn’t really know what was going on, there was a lot of guitar shredding, hard hitting drumming and screaming. So whilst all the components were there, it all seemed a bit confused. There are no doubts that this Leeds foursome are great musicians, but it would seem that they rely on this too much, rather than just focusing on the job in hand.

Twin Atlantic were next to take to the stage, fresh faced and full of energy, they quickly manage to win the crowd over. Over the course of the past year Twin Atlantic have gone from strength to strength, and it’s their new material taken from the mini-album ‘Vivarium’ that really shows what this band could be in years to come. Songs such as ‘Old Grey Face (And The Way Of The Magenta)’ and ‘You’re Turning Into John Wayne’ sound huge, and Sam McTrusty and co can leave tonight safe in the knowledge that they have once again done a sterling job.

I must confess that before tonight’s gig I wasn’t overly familiar with the genre known as ‘mathcore’. But from what I can gather, The Fall Of Troy are pretty high up on the mathcore roster. Their sporadic time signatures, and prog-infused poppy riffs do certainly make for a very interesting listen, yet at times I found myself a little confused, and craved simplicity, rather than technicality, a feeling that I felt I shared with a proportion of the rest of the audience. However, The Fall Of Troy did not fault once, and whilst half of the crowd looked like they’d rather be at home in front of the telly with a mug of Ovaltine, one has to commend their perseverance and their technical ability. If you were already a fan of the band, this gig would have been fantastic, yet for the innocent bystander, it was all a bit mind-boggling and quite simply baffling.

Chickenhawk 2/5
Twin Atlantic 5/5
The Fall Of Troy 3/5

Review By Ben Connell

 The Fall Of Troy

Thomas Erak
Andrew Forsman
Frank "Black" Ene

 Twin Atlantic

Sam McTrusty
Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
Craig Kneale


Paul Michael Astick (Guitar, Vocals)
Ryan Thomas Clark (Bass, Vocals)
Mathew John Graham Reid (Drums)
Robert James Stephens (Guitar)

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