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Elliot Minor
Me Vs Hero, Franko
Birmingham, Academy 2
14th November 2009
Elliot Minor                 Me Vs Hero         Franko       
Photo Of Me Vs Hero © Copyright Robert LawrenceGetting into the Academy 2 tonight, no problems what so ever, Easy, its good to have a night like this!

First up were Franko, an indie rock band from the UK, they Open there set with 'Waiting', its an OK opener but not that memorable, like the rest of there set it all seemed a bit bland, the crows, on the other hand were eating it up. There set wasn't all bad, it had moments when it got a tad catchy, but seemed very generic at times. The solos while decent, seemed like very throwaway stuff, its not something that was memorable or made the song. They put on a decent show, and were very well received by the crowd, but it felt like for me this is something ive seen before and im going to see it repeated many times after that.

Next up and main headline act were, Me vs Hero, a pop/punk rock band, very lively from the off, opening there set with 'what seems to be the officer problem?' a fairly catchy song for sure, but it seems it could have been done by any of the million pop punk bands out there, theres nothing in this set to seperate them from other bands in there genre, the crowd loved there set which included 'Hand me the Keys to the Massey', 'Spiceweasel Bam','Upbeat', Star Raiders and Space Invaders and set closer 'Days that shape our Lives' which was pretty much the nest song in there set, again the crowd loved it, and a nice touch was them getting the crowd to sing happy birthday to a lucky fan in the room, with simple drumming and at times bland guitar riffs, the only thing i enjoyed was the last song and that visually they put on a good show.

Photo Of Elliot Minor © Copyright Robert LawrenceElliot Minor, a band i have seen 3 times this year already, and i have to admit i was starting to get a tad bored of a pretty much predictable set, Parallel worlds was getting really old on me now, im not sure how some fans still love it. But tonight, was the best they've ever sounded they were even heavy at times, could have been down to the mix, but i liked what i was hearing. Jessica sounded pretty decent too. Ali the keyboard player was made to say a few words after the crowd and band members forced him center stage, the band said that Birmingham crowds are there favorites. Alex seemed to have been playing a little less than usual as he spent more time singing than playing and singing at the same time. A strange thing i noticed was that at times they sounded like Fightstar, perhaps that's what a heavy Elliot Minor sound like! Songs that featured included, 'Running away' which had 'Time after time' whacked on to it, 'Still Figuring out', they palyed a few songs off there latest album as well, which included 'Discover(why love hurts),'I Believe','The Dancer' and set closer Better 'Than the Courtroom' which made a change from Parallel Worlds although that was the other song in there encore, i have to say it is the best ive seen them play and the crowd had a good time too, it was a solid performance tonight.

Franko – 3/5
Me Vs Hero 3/5
Elliot Minor 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Elliot Minor

Alex Davies (vocals, guitars)
Ed Minton (vocals, guitars)
Ed Hetherton (bass)
Ali Paul (keyboards)
Dan Hetherton (drums, backing vocals)

 Me Vs Hero

Sam Thompson (Vocals)
Daniel Pook (Guitars)
Ross Malpass (Guitars)
Mike Booth (Bass)
Oli Bradley (Drums)


Tommy (Vocals)
Richard (Guitars)
Chris (Bass)
Beau (Drums)

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