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Biffy Clyro
Manchester Orchestra, Pulled Apart By Horses
Birmingham, Academy
9th November 2009
Biffy Clyro                   Manchester Orchestra      Pulled Apart By Horses      
Photo Of Pulled Apart By Horses © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter a mad rush to get to the academy on time, on a bloody cold Birmingham night i might add, i get to the academy with time to spare.

Pulled Apart by Horses are the opening act, an alt rock band from Leeds, with the singer being originally from Birmingham, The kick off with what ever they kicked off with, not big on telling the crowd what there songs called, i couldn't even derive the song titles from the vocals, because i couldn't hear/understand them. There sound had very few melodic sections, but id best describe them as a punk band only the songs are longer, at times it was just noise, but every now and then it was heavy and had something i could musically enjoy. Everything about the music seemed off kilter as you weren't sure where they were going. There performance seemed tight and it was good to watch as the guys onstage were very lively! The crowd seemed to enjoy parts, but didn't seem that impressed with the boys from leeds, but the crowd clapped them anyway off stage when they were done.

Photo Of Manchester Orchestra © Copyright Robert LawrenceMain Support was Manchester Orchestra , from Atlanta, Georgia USA, another alt rock band, well from the off they weren't opening with a bang, and the same can be said for the rest of there set, there not the liveliest of bands on stage, except for the other drummer/synth guy on the far right occasionally going nuts in his corner of the stage. the band seemed tight and on it tonight, but i get the feeling from the front man, he seems reluctant or just a tad shy as every now and again he would turn away from the crowd then turn back to sing mostly with his eyes shut only opening them to check the chords he was playing on his guitar. There were some decent riffs scattered across there set, but the first 3 songs were rather long, so i gather they only played 5 or 6 songs, but those songs seem to drag a bit and seemed rather similar also there songs seem to lose there way at times before coming focused again, not sure what to make of them really, but the crowd enjoyed them though.

Photo Of Biffy Clyro © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter an interval which seem to last a while, Biffy Clyro make there way to the stage after the black curtain is pulled down, to a great cheer as the crowd know the time for Biffy has come, no drama this time for any of the band members after what happened last time out for the guys in the old academy, enough history, they Open with a track off the new album Only Revolutions, That Golden Rule brings the crowd to life once more, this is swiftly followed by the song which got them noticed by a lot of people, many of which im sure are in the crowd tonight, Living is a problem, the version they played was shorter than the album the intro was cut down, as were the strings missing, but sounded great live, then i get removed from the pit mid song for not having the right photopass, but i shot a song and a bit, im happy. There set is littered with a fair few songs from the album Puzzle, they include Get fucked Stud, 9/15ths, Saturday Superhouse (that's a personal favorite), Semi Mental and Who's got a match(yet another favorite). What was good to hear was them playing some of the older stuff too like Just boy, Joy.Discovery.Invention and Liberate The Illiterate. There set was very tight and as manic on stage as ever. Only a slight grievance was that the band said very little to the crowd, but with the amount of songs they played tonight what does it matter, they ended there set with Mountains, which had the whole crowd singing, getting them nicely warmed up before heading back out in to the bloody cold, great gig from one of Britains best live bands!

Pulled Apart By Horses – 3/5
Manchester Orchestra – 3/5
Biffy Clyro - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Biffy Clyro

Simon Neil (Guitar, Vocals)
Ben Johnston (Drums, Vocals)
James Johnston (Bass, Vocals)

 Manchester Orchestra


 Pulled Apart By Horses

Tom Hudson
James Brown
Lee Vincent
Robert Lee

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