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Olympic Swimmers
Birmingham, Academy 2
29th October 2009
Idlewild                   Olympic Swimmers    
Photo Of Olympic Swimmers © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell getting there early once again, what a waste of time, as i find out to my dismay that the first band isn't on till 8 pm, and there's only two bands playing, well first up are Olympic Swimmers a 5 piece band from Scotland and right from the off im bored already in fact i left the pit half way through the first song as they were rooted to the spot hardly moving to there intertwining melodic sounds, its all very light melodic stuff, but it could be more exciting, i could hardly hear the singers voice, im sure she had a decent one, on any other night i may have liked what i was hearing but i just wasn't feeling it, they had a lot of equipment on stage and wasn't really using it that effectively, the crowd hardly looked thrilled either, i hope the price they paid wasn't too hefty as they were only getting two bands for there hard earned!

Finally after what seemed an eternity, which im pretty sure time stopped at some point to prolong my boredom, Idlewild made their way to the stage opening with 'Dreams of Nothing' to which the crowd showed that they were still alive and could get rowdy or as rowdy as an Photo Of Idlewild © Copyright Robert Lawrenceidlewild crowd can get! Now i have to say Idlewilds sound is not the liveliest in the world but they have some decent melody going on in there songs, they guys on stage stood still then just randomly move in some erratic way, the bass player for one seemed quite content to hide near the amps,but looked like he was happy back there. Make another World, Readers and Writers and Hiding Place seemed to stir up the crowd and the super fan i was standing next to who should have been in the main crowd bouncing along with the rest of them, while i enjoyed their set, i have to there not the most exciting band ive ever seen be it sonically or visually, there not really pushing the boundaries with there material, i hate to use the word average but they were, there songs never seemed to go anywhere, perhaps i missed the point really!

Olympic Swimmers– 2/5
Idlewild – 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Roddy Woomble (vocals)
Rod Jones (guitar)
Allan Stewart (guitar)
Gareth Russell (bass)
Colin Newton (drums)

 Olympic Swimmers

Simon Liddell
Susie Liddell
Jamie Savage
Jonny Scott
Graeme Smillie

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