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Amon Amarth
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun hall
28th October 2009
Amon Amarth             Entombed   
Photo Of Entombed © Copyright Robert LawrenceDue to the tragic recent passing of Evile bassist Mike Alexander, only two bands are playing on this tour now, Entombed and Amon Amarth, I got into the Wulfrun Hall, seems to be a second home recently for me, no problem at all tonight, and some how i could tell what sort of crowd this is gonna be, a rather subdued crowd, the air seems to hang heavy really, odd!

Entombed make there way to the rather stinky stage tonight, im pretty sure something died on the stage recently and i think it may have been the personal hygiene of the entombed singer, as parts of the stage smelled really bad and followed him around. Boy did they put on a show, so good in fact that after i had shot my three songs, i made my way to the side of the hall and sat down, as the constant grinding, repetitiveness and length of there songs wore me down pretty quickly, and i have to say the crowd was enthused as much as i was. There was a few flashes of actual melody and some decent riffs before going back to the grinding boring live sound that they've lovingly nurtured over the years. The crowd, there was a few head nodding splashed with the occasional proper head bang, then for some reason the crowd erupts momentarily coming to life to the fact that Entombed are going to tribute one of there songs to fallen comrade Mike Alexander, this song started decent enough before going back to its boring ways, i was glad when the set finished, more to my amazement was the lead guitarist, got to the barrier and started shaking everyone's hand, i let him pass me by, to a guy at the end, who i heard him say to the entombed member, your the worst band Ive ever seen, ballsy? was the guitarist pissed off, no, he went and got a video camera and recorded this guy, saying entombed was his number one all time worse band ever! do i agree not really no, although they were dire!

Photo Of Entombed © Copyright Robert LawrenceFinally after the endurance test of entombed, were viking metallers, Amon Amarth, starting off brutally with tracks i know fuck all about, but i know its heavy and viking themed, and the crowd responded rapturously, the guys on stage spent a fair bit of time head banging in unison, just hair flying about, while blasting out there Nordic melodic death metal, the vocals i could make some of them out, other times the growls were lost on me, i even caught the odd track title every now and again, Twilight of the Thunder Gods, Guardians of Asgaard and Cry of the Black Birds, which the Johan the vocalist, dedicated to all the female members of the audience, i wasnt sure what to expect from them really, was it gonna be like the usual melodic death metal crap, or something decent, im happy to say it was of the decent variety, although it had its peaks and troughs, the solos in particular were sometimes hit and miss, but im sure if the band had to inspire an ancient army to fight, im sure they'd do a grand job as they got the weaponless crowd whipped up into a frenzy and on occasion a few pits broke out, but the crowd was rather well behaved as there was not beer throwing as normally happens at these gigs and there was also a distinct lack of crowd surfing, the crowd i also noticed was looking rather old in places standing back letting the new guard of fans as it were filling the front near the stage, after the band were done im sure the crowd could do with some mead and a sing song around a fire instead they'll have to be content with a good gig and the journey home.

Entombed – 2/5
Amon Amarth – 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Amon Amarth

Johan Hegg
Johan Söderberg
Olavi Mikkonen
Ted Lundström
Fredrik Andersson


Lars Göran Petrov
Nico Elgstrand
Alex Hellid
Olle Dahlstedt

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