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My Passion
Turbowolf, Ronnie Defo
Birmingham, Academy 3
24th October 2009
My Passion           Turbowolf          Ronnie Defeo             
Photo Of My Passion © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell im firmly one of the oldest people in the room tonight, first on were Ronnie Defo, and there bass player got off to a bad start giving it some some solid energy, unfortunately the strap on his bass couldnt take it so it snapped and he had to change his bass guitar, and the singing got off to a dreadful start as well. it was awful but it got more melodic as it went on, the music had some decent catchy moments but it was also quite repetative, but atleasr they gave a good account of themselves.

Next up was Turbo Wolf, there a dirty sounding rock band, the 1st song sounded something like CKY would do, plus the guitarists chosen sound was very familiar sounding to CKYs also. the vocals while suiting the music were pretty poor and gravelly, the drumming was simple, and the songs were fairly short, there was some synth and bass guitar but i couldn't hear either. it was an energetic show and the music was decent various styles employed while keeping to that dirty sound.

Photo Of My Passion © Copyright Robert LawrenceBringing the early night to the close, was headliners My Passion a goth/emo band, while setting up i concluded that i was either surround by retards or surrounded by a bunch of excitable girls, i surmised that it was a case of both, they kicked off there set with legs and arms flailing, the vocals were a mix of screamo and melodic, more melodic punctuated by the screamo parts of the song.The songs they played were punkish in nature but something the kids in the venue was dancing to. Some of the songs they played included ,Thanks for Nothing, Play Dirty, Never Ever Land and day of days, of which the crowd knew all the words. I enjoyed there set and watched there show from the back of the room as the Academy 3 wasn't exactly full due to Bring me the Horizon were playing, but My passion will be playing there in january on the kerrang relentless tour next year, a stage they'll surely give a good account of themselves on going on tonights performance they cant really fail to win more fans.

Ronnie Defo – 3/5
Turbo Wolf – 4/5
My Passion – 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 My Passion

Laurence René
John Be
Simon Rowlands
Jonathan Gaskin


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