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Bowling For Soup
Zebrahead, MC Lars, The Leftovers
Birmingham, Academy
22nd October 2009
Bowling For Soup       Zebrahead        MC Lars                The Leftovers
Photo Of The Leftovers © Copyright Robert LawrenceThis was my first time in the main academy tonight and just managed to get my gear set up before The Leftovers got on stage, now there opening 3 songs, seemed like a bit of a blur really, they couldn't have been that good as i dont really recall them, then when i got out of the pit and into the crowd i could see or hear why, the rest of the set sounded pretty much the same, 3 chords all the way through, just sounded like generic pop punk, the singing was more shouting as it sounded exactly like when the singer was talking into the mic, and they also finished a BFS song when BFS were on. I just wasnt really impressed or engaged with them, im pretty sure the kids in the crowd loved them, but for me it just wasnt cutting it, too many average bands on tour these days!

Next up was MC Lars, backed up by Failsafe, i have to mention that Failsafes singer looked out of place, just standing there chiming out the odd lyric, it was good to see the band given room to breath as the last time i saw them, they were crammed on to the tiny little civic stage, Lars also seemed more at home with space to run around on the stage, i enjoyed his shorter set this time round, with him playing songs like 'Hot topic Is not punk Rock' and 'Download This Song', in which the singer from BFS sang a few verses of the track before disappearing off stage again. MC Lars and co were as entertaining as ever in his own style of laptop rock, the music was pretty good and the vocals decent, some sections of the crowd especially a few members at the front were unnecessarily abusive, if you don't like whats on fuck off to the bar, but don't abuse the guys on stage its just not on! As for the rest of the crowd they sung along for most of the set, they and myself enjoyed it.

Photo Of Zebrahead © Copyright Robert LawrenceMain Support act were Zebrahead, my misses bought a ticket just to see them, For me im indifferent about them, they seemed not interested in performing or it was a standard performance, looked good on stage but i just wasnt interested in them really, and a few people i talked so thought the performance was lackluster also. They opened there set with 'rescue me' Postcards and Jag off, there set was full of profanity, which for me it doesnt bother me in the slightest but there were many youngsters in the crowd and I'm sure there parents wasn't happy with it. they closed there set with Anthem and then The set up, im pretty sure they went down well with the crowd as alot of people were into it, but i wasn't impressed with an average performance, the songs were well executed just wasn't feeling the performance tonight, something missing really.

Photo Of Bowling For Soup © Copyright Robert LawrenceBowling for soup, the last time i saw them was back in 2007 at the download festival and to be honest i don't remember much about that set really other than the large inflatable sheep they had on stage. Not being the biggest BFS fan as i dont really find there humorous music entertaining anymore, but they did put on a good show, they played the songs you expected like Highschool never ends, Punk rock 101, a new song called My wena of there latest release. Their set was punctuated with interludes, which were the musically enhanced beverage break and photo opportunity, the photo break happened in the song punk rock 101, the song played in this interlude was celebrate, by cool and the gang, the crowd singing along a surprise was a katy perry cover hot n cold, other songs in there set was 1985 and the song they made it big with or the first song i ever heard by them 'girl all the bad guys want', the crowd were singing all the way through, so did i as it happens, well the songs that i knew anyway, felt like being a teenager again, it was a great gig.

The Leftovers 2/5
MC Lars – 4/5
Zebrahead – 3/5
Bowling For Soup – 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Bowling For Soup

Jaret Reddick
Chris Burney
Erik Chandler
Gary Wiseman


Ali Tabatabaee (vocals)
Greg Bergdorf (guitar)
Ben Osmundson (bass)
Ed Udhus (drums)
Matty Lewis (vocals, guitar)

 MC Lars

MC Lars

 The Leftovers

Kurt Baker
Andrew Rice
Adam Woronoff
Matt Anderson

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