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Ricky Warwick, Elle Diabilo
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
21st October 2009
Therapy?                     Ricky Warwick         Elle Diabilo
Photo Of Ricky Warwick © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell it was bound to happen at some point, that i start shooting the same bands again and again, tonight was defiantly one of them nights!

First up were Elle Diabilo, a band i had shot about a month ago, they pulled the same trick as it were, with the front person coming on last, although pretty much every band do it, but again i have to say the performance was average, even being on a bigger stage perhaps i was expecting them to step it up a gear, but average again, the singing very dry, but plain really, the crowd didn't seem that moved by them either, the band looked as if they were having fun up there, but it wasn't working for me, the songs seemed slow, heavy but not catchy at all, i hope i don't catch them again anytime soon.

Next up was Ricky Warwick, i had the pleasure of interviewing him earlier in the day, such a cool and welcoming guy. On stage i think he was better than the last time i shot him live which was earlier in the year, I think he played pretty much the same set as he did in june, but with no regaling of stories from the road, although he did get the crowd involved alot, infact he let the crowd sing most of a song from his days in the almighty, i have to say for a solo performer he has decent stage presence, and confidence in abundence, his guitar playing was again full of highs and lows and the sound was spot on, the crowd really loved it.

Photo Of Therapy? © Copyright Robert LawrenceTherapy? Yet another bunch of nice guys, they opened there set with 'Opel Mantra' followed by 'turn' then 'Isolation', for a band that has been going for almost 20 years, they show no signs of letting up as they were bouncing around the stage, although i noticed that the singer looked older on stage than he did in the dressing room when i was interviewing the band. There set must have been at least an hour and a half in length, they played songs such as, teethgrinder, I told you i was ill, rain Hits concrete', Rise up, they finished there set with Diane, Die Laughing and latest title track Crooked Timber, While i enjoyed there set and their soundcheck, there songs seemed very bassy and slightly grinding and repetitive, plus the length of the gig almost made me miss the last train home, but other than these minor quibbles, the crowd loved it an i had a good night out, and managed to swipe the lampys (Light tech) set list, bonus and result!

Elle Diabilo – 2/5
Ricky Warwick – 4/5
Therapy? – 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Andy Cairns (Guitar, Vocals)
Michael McKeegan (Bass Guitar)
Neil Cooper (Drums).

 Ricky Warwick

Ricky Warwick

 Beans On Toast

Leanne 'Danger' Diablo (Vocals)
Dale Diablo (Bass)
Jimmy 'Darko' Diablo (Drums, Vocals)
TibBo Diablo (Guitar, Vocals)

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