Gig Review

Black Spiders, No Americana
Birmingham, Academy
24th September 2009
Wildhearts                   Black Spiders     No Americana   
Photo Of Wildhearts © Copyright Robert LawrenceOk, I got in eventually, first up were No Americana, they got off to a good start, defiantly can here some classic rock coming through with a tinge of classic brit pop/rock, having played download this year, there still in a good year, and its good to see a local band doing good, but to be honest, there is something missing from there songs at first i thought it was because i was too close to the stage so i went further away to the back of the room, and again something is missing, it wasn't down to the mix, just it was lacking a killer edge or just something that i wasn't getting, there a good band technically, but musically for me it wasn't cutting it.

Next up are a band Ive shot before, in fact, there one of the first bands i shot for alternative vision, they supported stone gods, now i loved them last time round, but this time, about half a year later, Im just not feeling it tonight, sonically its possibly the same set, there still playing there instruments well, an still giving it there all, but tonight, Im just not feeling them, perhaps its the atmosphere in the room, or Im not in the mood for there heavy metal tunes tonight, what ever it is, there just not as good as they were when i saw them in march.

Photo Of Wildhearts © Copyright Robert LawrenceOk when the wild hearts make the stage, the smoke i heavy in the room, ginger states that the set list was chosen by the fans, there are two halves to the set the first half is there last album Chutzpah played in full, and the second half is the classics, they kick off as the album does with Jackson Whites, a fairly good track but it doesn't grab me like the second though, Plastic Jebus, a heavy stomper of a song and also a million times better live than on the album, then every song after that, just doesn't grab me like that second song, except for the album closer and instrumental Chutzpah, then they have a mini break on stage before going into there encore which consists of, I Wanna Go Where the People Go, the revolution will be televised , fan favorite caffeine bomb and set closer Shame on me, sounding as good as they've ever been better live than on CD, i have to say ginger is an entertaining guy, having great banter with the crowd, i have to say im not much of a fan of the Wildhearts, but after the gig, i may well be more so now than i was at the beginning of the gig.

No Americana 3/5
Black Spiders 3/5
Wildhearts 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Scott Sorry
Ritch Battersby

 Black Spiders

Coming Soon

 No Americana

David Foster (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Adam Beddow
(Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Jamie Weate
(Bass, Vocals)
Daniel Taylor

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