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Zico Chain
Black And Red, Elle Diabilo
Birmingham, Flapper And Firkin
22nd September 2009
Zico Chain                   Black And Red           Elle Diabilo   
Photo Of Zico Chain © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe Flapper in Birmingham, pretty much my local even though i live about 45 minutes away from it in a car! I hate the lighting though as its always been poor! Enough of my ramblings!, first up were Elle Diabilo, at first i thought it was a 3 piece band, with a clever name, with one of the guys singing, then the female vocalist jumps on stage and starts singing, now i got nothing against female singers, but her vocals were female generic vocals, a bit flat really, with little range, although i think she was a brummie, to be honest the band also were a generic rock band, there was no killer edge to them, i didn't feel engaged by them at all and by the looks of things the people that were there was probably feeling the same, although we didn't see the next band coming!

Black + Red, were up next and bloody hell can they make some noise for just a drummer and guitarist, in fact there louder than alot of 4/5 piece bands Ive seen, not quite Motorhead loud but close, but defiantly one louder than most bands! The riffs were awesome to behold, heavy, chunky, fast and plentiful. the drumming, done standing up i might add, was loud, fast, melodic, a real pounder of the skins he was, and when he first got on stage, i thought he was Irish from the way he dressed, i wasn't expecting this hard rock, as some at the gig put it 'unique'!

Zico Chain were headlining the flapper tonight, i have to wonder how such a small and ok-ish venue has got this decent band and a few other decent ones in! They Opened with more than life, an quiet track till it takes off, swiftly followed by new single These Birds will kill us all, yet another fast track, there set was littered with very little talking to the crowd, There set included the likes of, when black turns white, our evil, Day case, Where Would You Rather Be?, Rohypnol, and set closer Pretty pictures, they band were very energetic on stage in front of the few people that turned up on a busy music night in the country's second city! The few that did turn up, were given a treat, as the next time there in town, the crowd wont be this close!

Elle Diabilo 3/5
Black And Red 4/5
Zico Chain 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Zico Chain

Chris Glithero
Paul Frost
Ollie Middleton

 Black And Reds

Ash Black (Drums, Vocals)
Greg Red (Guitar, Vocals)

 Elle Diabilo

Leanne 'Danger' Diablo (Vocals)
Dale Diablo (Bass)
Jimmy 'Darko' Diablo (Drums, Vocals)
TibBo Diablo (Guitar, Vocals)

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