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Twin Atlantic
Failsafe, Templeton Pek
Birmingham, Hare And Hounds
21st September 2009
Twin Atlantic        Failsafe           Templeton Pek    
Photo Of Failsafe © Copyright Robert LawrenceThis is the second time ive ever been to this venue, and both times they looked different, im sure there were steps on the left hand side of the stage, when i was last here.

First up were Templeton Pek, with there brand of hard rock, the lead guitar player, could strum his instrument pretty fast, but todo it for all the songs, then when he finally slowed down for a bit of melodic picking, all the songs sounded the same, it was like listening to one continuous song, the only thing that separated the tracks was him saying cheers after every song, which got annoying also, it seemed the band were only concerned with a wall of noise approach, everything seemed very repetitive, thus very boring after the 3rd song was played.

Next up were, Failsafe, a band that ive seen once already this year and the impression they left last time wasn't too good, things that hadn't changed were obvious, still very energetic, i don't think they played any new tracks, although i cant remember what they played last time, one of the tracks played was mirror mirror, and i have to say the vocals didnt sound too good, the one thing i picked up on this time, instead of last time was a bit of synth on the songs when the singer moved to a keyboard next to the drums, and it sounded rather decent, other songs they played included, 'only if we learn', help your self and 'Hope' which was the set closer, the crowd seemed to respond well to them, but my feelings on the band remain the same.

Photo Of Twin Atlantic © Copyright Robert LawrenceScottish band Twin Atlantic were the headliners this evening at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath, Birmingham, the security, well there wasn't any, i walked in to the room unchallenged during soundcheck, no one bothered asking who i was, an what i was doing there before the gig started, shocking!
This was there 6th time in Birmingham, and right from the off they reminded me of Biffy Clyro, although as the songs progressed, there no where near as complex, the songs were packed with quality, decent riffs, solid drumming. The band themselves were very lively, which is good to see, one of the songs that they played, seemed to have bad parts to it, almost as if they ran out of ideas an just threw some kind of filler riff in there, very odd. The songs in the set included set opener Light speed, I cave in, Old grey babe, human after all, What is light and set closer and fan favorite, Audience and audio, the crowd left pretty happy, and i missed my bus home, but i enjoyed the last band after having a not so good 2/3rds of a gig!

Templeton Pek 2/5
Failsafe 3/5
Twin Atlantic 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Twin Atlantic

Sam McTrusty
Barry McKenna
Ross McNae
Craig Kneale


Jim (Vocals, Synth)
Si (Guitars)
Matt (Guitars, Vocals)
Andy (Bass)
Rob (Drums)

 Templeton Pek

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