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Mando Diao
the Sharks, The Late 80's
Birmingham, Academy 2
16th September 2009
Mando Diao      The Sharks         The Late 80's
Photo Of The Sharks © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell the new academy is now open, same name, same city, new location, it looks quite nice to be honest, i haven't seen the new main room, as tonight's gig is in the academy 2, the room is longer but thinner than the old Academy 2, and the stage is higher but again small!

First band on were a local band, hailing from sunny sunny Walsall, were the late 80s, there a indie rock band. As soon as they stated playing, the speakers had way too much bass coming out of them, didnt sound too good to be fair, there was some noticeable synth as part of there sound, they were kind of like early killers stuff, the bass player was the livelyest of the bunch, one of the stand out tracks that i actually got the name of was 'i don't think she knows'. i will say though that they sounded great when i was in the mens room.

Next up were another local indie band called the sharks, from the off they got some heads nodding, not entirely sure why though as they weren't that original or exciting to listen to, the lead guitar player was the most lively covering every inch of his part of the stage and stepping on to one of the speaker stacks. One of my main gripes was that i couldnt hear or understand the vocals, i think the mix was a bit hit and miss tonight, i could only hear the lead guitar and drums, the rhythm and bass were completely lost on me, one of the tracks started quite well, couldn't tell you the name of it as they didn't bother introducing it, and i couldn't guess the chorus as i couldn't hear the vocals!, what ever it was called it was the best track they played!

Photo Of Mando Diao © Copyright Robert LawrenceNow im not sure what took so long but there was an awful long time in between sets, about 15-20 minutes after the set up was done, ridiculas, nothing worse than waiting.

The headlining band were Mando Diao, a rock band from Sweden, and yet again i couldn't hear the vocals, a pleasent surprise that the vocal duties were split between two singers, id have like to have been able to hear the subtle differences between the two, but i couldn't hear therm. 4 songs in they played,Herr Horst, which was a decent track, set opener, sheepdog, was another decent track, the 5th track was ,high heels, although it could have been, the band, which ever one it was, it was slow and eerie, a good track though, a personal favorite of the night was if i dont live today, it was one with just the singers on stage no drums, bass , just them two and there guitars, a decent acoustic track. At some point during the set i noticed another band member playing the keyboards/synth behind one of the amps, shy perhaps? there was plenty of room on stage, another addition you don't see often is backing singers, but what did it matter couldn't hear them. Mando Diao finished the set with Dance with somebody and before rock n roll, which left the crowd rather happy, but me rather board!

Mando Diao 3/5
The Sharks 3/5
The Late 80's 3/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Mando Diao

Bjorn Dixgard (vocals, guitars)
Gustaf Noren (vocals, guitars)
C.J. Fogelklou (bass guitar)
Samuel Giers (drums)
Mats Björke (keyboards)

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