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The Birthday Massacre
Raggedy Angry, Dyonisis
Sheffield, Corporation
15th July 2009
The Birthday Massacre       Raggedy Angry         Dyonisis
Photo Of The Birthday Massacre © Copyright Ellie PockleySheffield Corporation tonight was packed by 7.30 its just a shame that we had an hours delay, the crowd waited patiently for the first band to arrive on stage. After what seemed forever the first band Dyonisis a four piece female fronted band from Sheffield took to the stage. My first thought was that they had raided the Lord of The Ring costume department. To coincide with that fact, they actually sounded like they belonged on the Lord of The Rings sound track. Dyonisis played a very average set but I do feel they have quite a bit of potential to become a very good band. At the moment they have too many songs that all sound alike and would perhaps improve their chances if they invested in a drummer.

Getting things more into the swing were Raggedy Angry who's set has still left me speechless. Words can not explain this band at all, but lets say if you mix Marilyn Manson, Mindless Self Indulgence and Enter Shikari then you would make Raggedy Angry. From the moment they entered the stage I could tell they had a good following tonight, as soon as they played their rendition of “This Is Halloween” the whole crowd was on board and dancing away. I soon started to feel like I was tripping out as I just did not know what they were going to do next. From start to finish Raggedy Angry were full of energy throwing themselves about the stage and the singer Irvin paid a fair few visits into the crowd. If you get the chance you must catch a Raggedy Angry gig.

Photo Of The Birthday Massacre © Copyright Ellie PockleyFinally the time came that was worth all the wait, The Birthday Massacre took their rightful place on stage brimming with confidence and turned the whole building into an ecstatic dancing frenzy. There is only one word to describe the show tonight and that is electric, Chibi is one of the best female vocalist there is. She puts on so much more than a show, Chibi is a born entertainer if she is not signing and jumping about she is pulling faces at the audience or biting a fellow band member. Chibi does not steal all the lime light though the rest of the band are just as entertaining joining in on making silly faces and reaching out to the crowd. The Birthday Massacre have their own unique style and mix so many different genres of music together.

The Birthday Massacre 5/5
Raggedy Angry 4/5
Dyonisis 2/5

Review By Alan Brown

 The Birthday Massacre

Chibi (vocals)
Rainbow (guitar)
Michael Falcore (guitar)
O.E. (bass)
O-en (keyboards)
Rhim (drums)

 Rageddy Angry

Irvin Scabtree (Vocals, Programming)
(Guitar, Keyboard)
The Pullout Method
Uncle Daddy
C Man


Nel (Vocals)
Louisa (Vocals, Piano)
Tom (Guitar, Programming)
Marcus (Bass)

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