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Nine Inch Nails
Janes Addiction
Manchester, Evening News Arena
14th July 2009
Nine Inch Nails             Janes Addiction                    
Photo Of Janes Addiction © Copyright Robert LawrenceMore hassle getting into NIN, the photo pass list and the ticket list dripped through, i had to trade my seating ticket with a tout, for a standing one, cost me 20 quid too, the bastard, but it was worth as im not sitting down for a gig, to hell with that. I misses Mew as i was trying to get my ticket to watch the rest of the gig as my photo pass wouldn't have allowed me to watch the gig, and i wasn't prepared to let that happen, i got my ticket, then traded, worth it? yes.

Janes addiction i have to say, im not that fond of, in fact, i only know two songs,Stop and Been Caught Stealing, so i cant say what other songs they played but i think it was pretty much a best of set, and the crowd seemed to be well into it, to say that all of the crowd were NIN fans, but they were probably also Janes Addiction Fans. While in the pit the first song seemed to go on forever and the second was a shorter affair, we in the pit was kicked after two songs, and Perry Farrel noticed and said some thing along the lines of and joked why you leaving, don't you wanna shoot us, which made me laugh as he was looking right at me, and i heard from a few people that he was smoking on stage. I also might add that my friend was gushing over Dave Navarro, although shed take home Trent Reznor in a sack anyday as shes a hard core NIN fan. There set seemed tight, and the band showed no signs of previous break ups and that they were well behind them.

Photo Of Nine Inch Nails © Copyright Robert LawrenceNine Inch Nails are a band i've waited to see for years, should have seen them in Birmingham a few years back, but for some reason i didnt get a ticket, yet here i am now, armed with a photo pass and possibly the best seat in the house for 3 songs, altho i got into the pit 6 songs in, so i took the opportunity to sit right at the back, in the nose bleeds and shoot some wide full band shots, they turned out ok, almost didnt make the pit tho, i was told to be back at the pick up point at 9.30 so i arrive at 9.25 with two other togs only to be told the rest have already gone down, and got lied to by another security guard who i wanted to punch out,he kept telling me that i was supposed to be back there at 9 15, twat, luckily we got taken down to the pit by a nicer security woman, and to find the other togs waiting to go into the pit. Enough waffle, The opening songs were just jaw droppingly good, Somewhat Damaged, Terrible Lie, Heresy, March of the Pigs, Piggy, Metal, they sounded way better and heavier than there album counterparts, plus i had to pinch myself and my friend, that we were really here watching such a great band on there possible and probable last tour. I got into pit after the above hassel, and it sounded great in between the blasts from the bass speakers, proper rumbling stuff, other highlights, well the whole set was a highlight really, I'm Afraid Of Americans,La Mer,The Way Out Is Through,The Day The World Went Away, The Hand That Feeds, which rocked hardcore and had the crowd singing along, and they finished off with Hurt, which had the entire crowd singing along, it wounded creat too, i don't think Trent had to sing because the crowd were on the ball tonight, after the lights went down, you could make out Trent in the dark center stage waving good bye to the crowd, possibly for one of the final times. that was one of the best gigs ive been too, i doubt ill ever see NIN again, but ill still have my records to listen to.

Nine Inch Nails 5/5
Janes Addiction 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor
Ilan Rubin
Robin Finck
Justin Meldal-Johnsen

 Janes Addiction


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