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The Answer
In Case Of Fire, Bandwagon
29th June 2009
Belfast, Mandela Hall
The Answer                In Case Of Fire                Bandwagon
Photo Of The Answer © Copyright Craig YoungThis was one of the most anticipated shows of the year so far which had a N Ireland band headlining the Mandela Hall. The Answer are still on tour with AC/DC, having supported them all over America and Europe. This was their homecoming. They were supposed to play on the 20th April but at the last minute, it had to be rescheduled. I’m sure the guys were totally gutted. They are undeniably the darlings of the rock world right now. Because of the rescheduling, there was extra time for any remaining tickets to sell. This helped the show to sell out.

First on stage were Bandwagon, a three piece rock band from Bangor. They were last minute replacements for Swanee River who’s guitarist had a prior commitment. Their sound is not unlike The Answer’s and they benefited greatly from the slot because they were in front of fans of their type of music. They got up, hit the crowd with some really good blues rock and were gone. They only got about five songs to impress the crowd and they succeeded, plugging their website along the way.

Photo Of The Answer © Copyright Craig YoungNext up was In Case Of Fire, a three piece alternative rock band from Portadown. They were originally billed as support for the rescheduled show from April. The other support band, General Fiasco, could not play the June date. ICOF have quite a progressive edge which made me wonder why they were there. They are a really good band but they were just out of place between the two oldschool type bluesy rock bands. They may have been there because of their moderate touring success in recent months, I don’t know. I enjoyed them, though their sound was quite distorted towards the end of their set. They have quite a commanding presence but their intensity meant that they didn’t interact with the fans which a lot of people did not like. They came out, played, thanked The Answer and left. They are all young guys and have a bright future ahead of them but they just were not the right fit for this show.

Next it was time for The Answer to hit the stage. The anticipation and excitment in the crowd was plain to see. They got a huge cheer and came out with big grins on their faces. Cormac said that they owed Belfast a great show and they delivered. Their albums are great but hearing the songs live is a whole new experience. From ‘Under The Sky’ and ‘Come Follow Me’ on Rise to songs like ‘Tonight’ and On And On’ from Everyday Demons, they had the crowd dancing around and singing along for the duration. They were clearly enjoying themselves and it was clear that this show was special to them, it was their homecoming. Cormac’s manic dancing is legendary and is best viewed form the front row. The whole band are impeccably professional while having that very rare approachable factor which makes them classy guys. Everyone in attendance knew they were watching something very special, a band on the brink of superstardom.

Bandwagon 3.5/5
In Case Of Fire 3/5
The Answer 5/5

Review By Craig Young

 The Answer

Cormac Neeson (Vocals)
Paul Mahon (Guitar)
Michael Waters (Bass)
James Heatley (Drums)

 In Case Of Fire

Steven Robinson
Mark Williamson
Colin Robinson

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