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Ricky warwick
Eddie Spaghetti
Birmingham, Academy 3
29th June 2009
Ricky Warwick             Eddie Spaghetti
Photo Of Eddie Spaghetti © Copyright Robert LawrenceEddie Spaghetti, the first acoustic solo performer of the night, and probable joint head liner too. First thing he did, was to thank all 30 or so people that bothered to turn up tonight. This American performer, had some simple tunes that sounded pretty good at times while being abit slow for my liking but it worked well, the set was a mix of some what downers of songs and some funny songs too that had a fair bit of profanity in them. Eddie made a joke about arriving late, about 5 minutes before he had to go on, there was alot of banter between him and the crowd, and he played pretty much any of his songs that were shouted out to him. at the end of every song he said Cha cha cha, to signal to the crowd to go 'nuts', this for me got old pretty fast. He played a johnny cash cover called 'what do i care', that he sang to his wife in the crowd. He got the crowd to sing along to 'Killer weed', Killer weed is exactly what we need, it sounded pretty good. This would seem a pretty difficult act to follow, as most of the crowd were fans and had a pretty good time too.

Photo Of Ricky Warwick © Copyright Robert LawrenceRicky Warick, is a man ive never heard of before, but after his opening two songs, its plain to see that this guy while fairly good on the guitar, he has the gift of gab, and is funny as hell, while regaling the crowd in between songs like 'Church of paranoia', Raining Down, new album title track, 'Belfast Confetti', with his tour stories, which included bands like Def Leppard and Motorhead. His Guitar playing is simple, but competent, the tunes don't really seem to have any catchy moments, where you go i like that riff, the song lyrics at times are depressing, but its lifted with his tour tales on the road. One of the things i like about his songs, that they have highs and lows, not just a wall of sound, his songs have depth, but it is at times overly loud. He even threw in a Motorhead cover, Ace of Spades, minus the solo. His songs seem to whiz by, which can be a good thing, as the crowd had been there for quite a while for only two acts, im a pretty warm room. Overall he played a solid set, for a crowd which was mainly made up of hardcore fans, that probably knew all the words.for me its not my thing, but i had a fairly so so time.

Eddie Spaghetti - 4/5
Ricky Warwick - 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Ricky Warwick

Ricky Warwick (Guitar, Vocals)

 Eddie Spaghetti

Eddie Spaghetti (Guitar, Vocals)

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