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Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
27th June 2009
Photo Of Pendulum © Copyright Robert LawrenceWOW, That's all i can say about this stomping gig, this is the day before they take stage at Glastonbury.They deliver one hell of a gig, no saving themselves for a bigger event. There was no support act, only a warm up DJ, and it was warm indeed, stepping in to the Wulfrun Hall was like steeping into an oven, Here's a tip to any would be music photographer, get the tour mangers name and phone number, my curse of being left off the guest list in wolverhampton continued, but after finally getting through to the tour manager, i finally got in. After the intro, they launched the crowd into the next dimension with 'Showdown', then they took it up a notch with 'Fasten Your Seatbelts', before going one better, with crowd pleaser and hit song 'Propane Nightmares'. A surprise for me was a Pendulum take on Master of Puppets, just epic to behold, before leading seamlessly into 'Slam'. 'Tarantula' set the crowd alight, and an electro remix of 'Different' blew up the Wulfrun hall, when 'Let them see your black heart baby' was sung by the crowd, The temperature in the place was stratospheric, before the encore they did a remix of Calvin Harris's I'm Not alone. They finished off the set with, 'Midnight Runner', 'Another Planet', 'Voodoo People' and set closer 'Hold Your Colour', After the set was done the crowd was truly spent and elated after dancing and bouncing for almost two hours, never seen anything like it at a gig before, bring on round two, cant wait to see them again.


Review By Robert Lawrence


Rob Swire (vocals, synth, producer)
Gareth McGrillen (bass guitar, DJ)
Perry ap Gwynedd (guitar)
Paul 'El Hornet' Harding (DJ)
Kodish (drums)
Ben Mount (MC)

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