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The Horrors
S.C.U.M, Floors
Birmingham, Academy 2
2nd June 2009
The Horrors             S.C.U.M      Factory  Floor 
The horrors suffered from being a band that were championed from the very start, which was not hard to believe since they cited bands from the yester era, such as Suicide, The Sonics and My Bloody valentine, where the latter’s influence can clearly been seen on the bands second offering. This initially year on in their career, caused much hype around the band, who released a lacklustre first album, which was laden with potential to be something more extravagant. However this has been rectified with their latest release Primary Colours. Which incorporates lush synthesizers sounds which have been layered immaculately with the wall of water guitar effects, popularised by My Bloody Valentine.

Tonight this small venue is electric to the synathesthesic senses. The crowd that has amassed and encompassed this venue tonight, are of a slightly higher calibre when it comes to their dress sense, almost too stylish, almost a designer outlet of Top Shop.

As pretentious as the fans are more so are the two supports acts on tonight. The first act S.C.U.M, a post punk band from London, played Joy Division like noise based music, but unfortunately they lacked any form of melodic reparatory. Their set dragged on, with no discernable songs, but long dronal sounds with bass hooks that had no character to them at all, other than the repetitive plucking. One was left waiting for the band to finish and even when this occurred you were left waiting for the screeching guitars to be silenced.

The second band Factory Floor, were of a similar nature, however it must be noted they marginally better, and more tolerable. They seem to convey more knowledge of melody, the music was somewhere between Sonic Youth and Lighting Bolt, the female vocals were barely audible, but this does not mean a bad thing. The band played more interesting bass lines than there predecessors they have a clear grasp of song writing, maybe something might come to fruition for them, who knows?

These were two band who were playing dronal noisy music, which is does not compare well to the main headline acts, who have honed their ability to craft songs in such a manner. An individual is left not being able to discriminate between songs, when hearing these arrangements for the first time.

The horrors fianlly arrive on stage dressed in normal attire, crazy hair still in abundance. This statement was as If they were reflecting a new chapter in their livelihoods. They begin to play a set that is filled with songs from new album Primary Colours with no pretentiousness. The crowd who are rest more outlandishly, are pleased to hear the new sound being sonically beamed out in this tiny venue. The temperature of the place is almost at boiling point, So much so that sweat drips down off the electronics, as the wave of fans jigged to the soundscapes of music being produced.

Farris seemed to sing with a command that only a front man of his stature could pull off. The band clearer feel comfortable with the new image and sound, the dronal sounds are produced with utmost precision, even the 8 minute single “Sea Within a Sea" is played this is the height of the concert, perfectly showing the amalgamation of prog synthesizers lines with foot taping shoegaze noise. Other songs height lights included “who can say” with a classic retro 80s style spoken word breakdown. The band leave the stage with no songs being played from their first album. The crowd like the obedient fans they are shout for more. As ever, it can be evident the band return to play fan favourites from the debut album such as “count in fives” and the ever memorable break through single “Sheena is a parasite”. This clear divide of the set list only further reiterates the new beginnings of something special. One can only hope the band continue to progress and mature like this, with more interesting music the band are in the new wave of shoegaze bands that are rising to prominence in 2009.

S.C.U.M 2/5
Factor Floor 2.5/5
The Horrors 4/5

Review By Ashik

 The Horrors

Faris Badwan
Joshua Hayward
Tom Cowan
Rhys Webb
Joseph Spurgeon


Tom Scum (Vocals, Sampler)
Bradley Baker (Machines)
Samuel Kilcoyne (Ivory)
Huw Webb (Bass)
Melissa Rigby (Drums)

 Factory Floor


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