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New Found Glory
Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
29th May 2009
New Found Glory    Bayside        
Photo Of Bayside © Copyright Robert Lawrence Well well well, what is there to say i broke my main lens at work a few hours before the gig, i dropped my bag and caught it with my foot, sadly it didnt stop a seal on the lens being broken. It was such a sunny day too, in fact it was bloody hot, and even with the air con on in the venue it was still bloody baking in that place.

I only managed to catch two bands, because of the stupidly early start time of the gig of 6pm, i have to work too, most gigs don't start till gone 7pm, and a curfew thrown into the mix of 10pm, meaning i only saw the end of the egos set, but i saw main support act Bayside rock the joint good and proper with there first appearance in Wolverhampton, with there brand of punk rock, that had some pretty catchy moments, with great riffs and simple drumming, with good vocals thrown into the mix that had the crowd liking what they saw, i do believe that they had some of there own fans in the crowd as a fair few people were singing along to 'still alive'. a worthy note of mention was the lead guitar player, he was pretty good, especially with the solos as his stand out moments, but also had some great riffs. The band pretty much didn't stop moving through out the entire set even tho is was a very warm night. They closed there set with Devotion and Desire, which seemed to be a more serious/darker sounding song, but was pretty good non the less, the crowd were nicely warmed up before the main act.

Photo Of New Found Glory © Copyright Robert LawrenceNew Found Glory, i have to admit, i have not heard this band before, not through ignorance, but just that poppy punk really isn't my thing, but having said that i relatively enjoyed there set tonight, they opened with a fairly new song, off the new album, the track was 'Listen to your friends', the crowd at times, didn't seem to lively, probably due to the excessive heat in the venue, but they certainly got more rowdy as the gig went on, the music at times seemed a bit flat, but it was played with effortless aplomb, with great stage presence that really filled up the stage they were bouncing around on, It sounded like a pretty tight set, playing all the songs you'd expect them to play, they even played the cover song they did in 07, 'Kiss Me' which is the only song im familiar with, and since then im not sure why someone would cover that song, but the crowd loved it with a bit of a sing along, other songs of note were 'all down hill','truth of my youth', 'sucker' coming home, and usual set closer 'My Friends Over You'. There was an awful lot of crowd participation, with the band commenting on a great form of exercise, circle pits, and in this heat they would be right. Dressed to kill was dedicated to the legions of fans who go to a gig on every tour. For a band i haven't listened to they certainly have my interest for further investigating, but for the hardcore fans, they had a great time even in that god awful oven of that venue tonight.

New Found Glory – 4/5
Bayside – 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 New Found Glory

Jordan Pundik
Chad Gilbert
Steve Klein
Ian Grushka
Cyrus Bolooki


Anthony Raneri (Vocals, Guitar)
Chris Guglielmo (Drums)
Jack O'shea (Guitar)
Nick Ghanbarian (Bass)

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