Gig Review

Cobra Starship
Sing It Loud, Cash Cash
Birmingham, Academy
23rd May 2009
Cobra Starship       Sing It Loud     Cash Cash    
Photo Of Sing It Loud © Copyright Robert Lawrence Well, i felt old yet again tonight, and well dressed pretty much differently to every other person, in the room, with parents littering the backs of the room and lurking near the bar, this is a gig for kids.

Cash Cash, kick off there set with a decent self titled song, that is strongly driven by an electronic sound with breakdowns in the right places before getting heavy again into the groove, they remind me of innerpartysystem only way younger, and without the killer beats, rhythms, and lyrics, if they played more songs like the opening few tracks,then they would be well on there way to getting well known, but then midway through the set, things just nose dive, it was like listening to High School Musical only more dance orientated, it was dance music for kids,with lyrics, the better songs were ,radio radio, and cash cash, if they played more songs like that, then it would have been better than the stuff they played.

Next up were Sing it Loud, they came on stage looking like they fell out of the 80s, looking like hair metallers from that ear and were jumping around like it too but they looked more like wounded ducks, rocking out properly should be left to the pros.The music was poppy punk and very commercial, but the crowd seemed to respond well to it, and they even got involved with a bit of a singalong, alot of it felt the same with a ballad thrown in there, but nothing really grabbed me enough to warrant my attention, or to make me go and buy there CD.Sadly for the energy that they showed didn't translate that well in decent music.

Photo Of Cobra Starship © Copyright Robert LawrenceHeadliners were Cobra Starship, and boy o boy did the singer get off to a flyer, he managed to fall of the stage and luckily for him, i broke his fall, also luckily for him, he didn't injure me or my camera, or the set would have been cut short in the first 30 seconds, the fucker didn't even apologize.Well enough of that, the opening track was 'The City Is at War' in which a mini war may have started in the crowd, because it was bouncing, another good track was The Church Of Hot Addiction, the singer mentioned that there was trouble last night, but failed to mention what happened, but this led into Paparazzi, which had the crowd going once again. what was slightly worrying however was that the singers voice was getting weak in between songs, like he was losing his voice.The mix of the gig tonight wasn't even across the board as i could only hear the drums, synths and vocals, the guitars were almost non present, The encore consisted of Pleasure Ryland and Guilty Pleasure which rounded off the set in great style.

Cobra Starship – 4/5
Sing It Loud – 2/5
Cash Cash– 3/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Cobra Starship

Gabe Saporta (Vocals)
Ryland Blackinton (Guitar)
Alex Suarez (Bass)
Nate Novarro (Drums)
Victoria Asher (Keytar)

 Sing It Loud

Pat Brown (vocals, guitar)
Nate Flynn (bass)
Ben Peterson (keyboard, synthesizer)
Kieren Smith (guitar, vocals)
Christopher Lee (drums)

 Cash Cash

Jean Paul Makhlouf
Sam Frisch
Alex Makhlouf
Mike Doerr
Anthony Villacari

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