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Dutch Schultz
Londonderry, Nerve Centre
14th May 2009
Therapy?                     Dutch Schultz      
Photo Of Therapy? © Copyright Craig YoungThe support for Therapy? on the night was Dutch Schultz, a three piece indie band from Belfast who’s music has obvious influences from the headliners. They played a few songs and were actually quite good though the crowd in general remained unimpressed. Their music was easy on the ear and catchy and they enjoyed their set even without the fan support.

On to the big guns. Therapy? have been together for almost 20 years now and are renowned for putting on a great live performance. The setlist for the night was a mystery because they are such a diverse band with 12 albums under their belt so they had an endless supply of songs to choose from. They hit the stage around 10pm and their first song was ‘I told you I was ill’ from their new album, Crooked Timber. I was expecting them to open with ‘Die Laughing’, or ‘Nowhere’ from their most famous album, Troublegum to get the crowd going from the start. I suppose it would have been a good move if they were playing a short set to get the fans rocking from the very start but they ended up playing 22 songs so there Photo Of Therapy? © Copyright Craig Youngwas no need. It was a marathon, not a sprint so the more well known songs were kept for later so the crowd didn’t peak too early. Throughout the set, the Crooked Timber album was played in it’s entirety. The guys didn’t let up for a second and played straight through 17 songs, finishing with the title track from Crooked Timber, before leaving the stage briefly to catch their breath before the encore. And what an encore it was! They returned to the stage to blow the crowd away with their astounding instrumental track, Magic Mountain. On Crooked Timber, it lasts for 10 minutes and while I don’t think it lasted that long live the crowd were lapping it up. It sounds great on the album but was totally amazing live. It was progressive metal at it’s very best. The band looked totally drained after that but hit us with four more songs in quick succession – Stories, Die Laughing, Screamager and finishing up with everyone rocking out to Nowhere. They left the stage to the sound of a totally satisfied crowd who got exactly what they came to see, one of N Ireland’s best live bands putting on a show any band would be proud of.

Dutch Schultz 3.5/5
Therapy? 4.5/5

Review By Craig Young


Andy Cairns (Guitar, Vocals)
Michael McKeegan (Bass Guitar)
Neil Cooper (Drums)

 Dutch Schultz

Willy (guitar, vocals)
Bernard (bass)
Darren (drums)

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