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Cancer Bats
Rolo Tomassi, Psychic Kids
Belfast, Spring And Airbrake
23rd April 2009
Cancer Bats             Rolo Tomassi        Psychic Kids      
Photo Of Rolo Tomassi © Copyright Craig YoungOriginally the Cancer Bats were to hit Belfast supporting In Flames. When In Flames cancelled their entire tour, Cancer Bats wasted no time in announcing their own headline tour and kept all the dates. Rolo Tomassi were to play the same night in Belfast so both bands got together and arranged a co-headline gig with Psychic Kids in support.

Psychic Kids, an experimental outfit from Dublin, hit the stage. The played for about 20 minutes and the first five had the crowd scratching their heads, wondering what they were watching. Once they settled in and everyone got to grips with what the Psychic Kids were all about, a lot of fans started to warm to them. They played a mixture of rock/indie/techno type music which is hard to explain but is easy on the ear. By their last song, the fans were really coming round and there was a collective groan when the last song was done.

The venue started filling up more when word spread that the support band had finished. Everyone was anticipating a quick changeover because there were still two bands to play. They were right. Within 15 minutes, Rolo Tomassi were standing onstage with their backs to the crowd looking ready to explode into the first song. Well, that did happen . . . kinda. They blasted into what I will describe as experi-metal - experimental metal mixed Photo Of Cancer Bats © Copyright Craig Youngwith screamo mixed with performance art. Eva Spence is a petite, cute looking girl and everyone was expecting this sweet innocent voice. When she opened her mouth and started screaming, while prancing about the stage like a carefree fairy everyone just stopped and looked at each other while probably thinking “what the fuck??” Overall it was a weird, surreal and captivating performace which on the surface seemed to lack structure. It was very different from anything mainstream. Rolo Tomassi are definitely very creative, complex and talented but they are so unique and off the wall that I just didn’t get what they were about.

There was definitely a buzz going around the crowd as everyone realised that the Cancer Bats were only minutes away from taking to the stage. This was who everyone came to see. The band arrived onstage to huge cheers and chants. They all took their positions in darkness and all was quiet for a moment. Then, it all kicked off. The lights came on and the band exploded into their first song. Within moments we had the first moshpit of many. The crowd were loving every minute of it. For the entire set Liam bounced around the stage, never stopping to take a break. The whole band had big smiles on their faces all night and they enjoyed it as much as the fans. The set was full of intensity and passion but you wouldn’t expect anything less from the Cancer Bats.

Psychic Kids 3.5/5
Rolo Tomassi 3/5
Cancer Bats 4/5

Review By Craig Young

 Cancer Bats

Liam Cormier
Scott Middleton
Mike Peters
Jaye R. Schwarzer

 Rolo Tomassi

Edward Dutton (drums)
Joe Nicholson (guitar)
Eva Spence (vocals)
James Spence (keys)
Joseph Thorpe (bass)

 Psychic Kids

Stephen Caffery (Guitar)
John Henry (Drums)
Darren Moloney (Vocals, Synths)
Brian Rice (Bass)

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