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Metal Blade Assault Tour
The Rotted, Malefice, Anterior
Belfast, Limelight
4th April 2009
The Rotted                Malefice              Anterior      
Photo Of Anterior © Copyright Craig YoungThe Rotted have made their way to Belfast with Malefice and Anterior on the Metal Blade Assault Tour following a successful night in Dublin. All three bands are most definitely metal but to pigeon-hole them any further into a subgenre is impossible. They all have their own influences, for example The Rotted have a definite Punk sound and delivery but remain unlabelled any further than being called a metal band.

Pre gig in the bar next door there was definite buzz, especially since the guys in all three bands are just sitting there having something to eat and a quick drink before the final sound checks. It looked like they all got on really well, but then they had to because they all shared the same tour bus. They all made their way through the side door of the bar into The Limelight to finalise setup which still gave us a bit of time to relax before making our way in also using the entrance out on the street.

When we got inside, the opening band, Condemned were already playing. From the ten minutes I heard, they have a very distinctive death metal sound which they have made their own. I would need to hear more from them to say more than that.

Photo Of Malefice © Copyright Craig YoungThe first Metal Blade offering of the night came in the form of Welsh metallers, Anterior. From the outset they owned and the crowd reacted well. I was surprised at how tight they were, considering they had a standin drummer who only just learned the songs.

Next up came Malefice, the band most people came to see. The Limelight wasn’t filled by any stretch of the imagination but the fans who were there were starting to get pretty vocal in their appreciation of what they were seeing onstage. Malefice played a mixture of material from both their albums. Even though they had just released Dawn of Reprisal, they had never been to Ireland to play their first album, Entities so it was great that they played tracks from both. They owned the stage just as much as Anterior but their delivery was just that bit more brutal. They are an amazingly powerful band on stage and they bring all their songs to life in a way that no studio album could ever achieve.

Photo Of The Rotted © Copyright Craig YoungThe Rotted were the seasoned veterans of the bunch who were headlining the tour. They hit the stage with a vengeance and totally blew the roof off. The energy and raw passion had heads banging in all directions. Ben McCrow, the vocalist couldn’t stand still for a second and constantly moved all round the stage for the full set. This was part of the final tour that they add Gorerotted (the name of the previous band fronted by McCrow) songs to the setlist so it was great to hear some old stuff before it is gone from their live performances. The band fed off the energy of the crowd and played a stormer of a set. They left the stage, dripping with sweat and with smiles on their faces.

Anterior 3.5/5
Malefice 4/5
The Rotted 4.5/5

Review By Craig Young

 The Rotted

Ben McCrow
Tim Carley
Gian Pyres
Nate Gould
Reverend Trudgill


Dale Butler
Ben Symons
Alex Vuskans
Tom Hynes
Craig Thomas


Luke Davies
Leon Kemp
Steven Nixon
James Britton
Andrew Cairns

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