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Attack! Attack!
Save Your Breath, Kyoto Drive, The Villian And I
Wolverhampton - The Little Civic
16th May2009
Attack! Attack!         Save Your Breath       Kyoto Drive      The Villian And I      
Photo Of The Villian And I © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell at the moment, im not having the best of luck getting into gigs strait away, theres that period of waiting around with the feeling of uncertainty or whether im getting into the gig on the night, and on top of that, the gig tonight was supposed to be 'sold out', in fact it was supposed to be over capacity, my arse was it, there could have been more than 50 people in there tonight when it was supposed tobe sold out at over 150.

First band on were The Villain and I, a indie/rock band from the west midlands, playing there second ever gig,lucky bastards, for there second gig, they wernt showing any nerves, as they took there time through out there set, which went by without incident, the music was well middle of the road by the book indie/alt rock music, nothing really grabbing you, or not much catchyness to keep you entertained, they did get the crowd involved by the way of getting them to clap during the last song, but really there wasn't much going other than that they played well together, but could be a bit more risky when writing songs in the future, im sure they'll be better when they've played more gigs and got more material at there disposal.

Photo Of The Kyoto Drive © Copyright Robert LawrenceKyoto Drive were on next after the opener finally made there way off stage, they were in no rush really, this pop punk band were certainly active during there set, but again like the first band, more middle of the road droll, that you've heard a million times before, pretty much all the songs sounded the same,even through the ear plugs that i wear. They played a tight set, it sounded like that they hit very few bum notes, sadly the highlight is how well they played and not what they played.

The main support act were, Save Your breath, yet another pop punk band only this time from wales, there were 5 of them running about on stage and on more that one Photo Of Save Your Breath © Copyright Robert Lawrenceoccasion, they managed to run into each other a fair few times, at least with this band, some of the stuff they played was fairly decent at times, they even played a sugarbabes cover,'about you now', which wasn't half bad, another good song that they played was 'lost boys', the vocalist had a fairly decent voice albeit slightly American in accent ?? At one point during the set, it seemed that the set might have to be cut short due to one of the guitar plays guitar deciding it didn't want to work for about a minute or two, so they went into a bit of an jam, note to any band, never jam live on stage its just plain boring.

Photo Of Attack! Attack! © Copyright Robert LawrenceHeadlining this 'sold out' gig, were Attack Attack! the third pop punk band of the night, playing the most catchy pop punk of the night, playing songs like 'honestly', 'from now on', 'you and me' which will be featured on the next guitar hero game, and set closers 'Time is up' and 'too bad', now i have to say the longer the set went on, the more that they started to sound like fall out boy, not sure if its a bad thing, but they certainly got the songs that are quite catchy to the ears, along with there energetic performance, these guys could go far,and maybe actually selling venues, this gig is also the start of there summer tour, which will take them around the country, the gig even threatened to stop at one point, due to talk of football, interrupting play, there could have been some of match of the day viewed, which would have been bad seeing as the crowd were quite into what was going on up on stage, the energy slowed down for awhile, but picked up in the final throws of 'too bad', not a bad finish to a gig that was on the whole a pretty boring affair up until attack got on stage.

Attack Attack 4/5
Save Your Breath 3/5
Kyoto Drive 2/5
The Villian And I 3/5

Review By Rob Lawrence

 Attack! Attack!


 Save Your Breath

Webbo (Vocals)
T.O (Guitar, Vocals)
Parslow (Guitar, Vocals)
Ben 33 (Bass)
Bobby (Drums)

 Kyoto Drive

Adam Binder (Vocals, Bass)
Chris Piper (Drums)
Mike Levell (Vocals, Guitar)
Mark Piper (Vocals, Guitar)

 The Villian And I

Luke Smith
Ashley Rampley
Daniel Toone

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