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La Roux
Heartbreak, The Magistrates, The Chapman Family
Birmingham, Academy 2
13 th May2009
La Roux                   Heartbreak        The Magistrates        The Chapman Family
Photo Of Heartbreak © Copyright Robert LawrenceWell thanks to a guy that was working on the tour, he got me a photo pass, so i could shoot the gig, after been left of the guest list, good thing i got there early enough. So to him, i thank you. Looking around at the crowd, I, one felt really old and two felt so outta place as i didnt have an brightly colored clothes on, or a daft haircut or have stupid glasses with no lenses in them on

The Chapman Family, are a 4 piece from Scotland, and this is there first time in Birmingham, the band are quite active on the stage, with there alternative punk rock sound, which at times wasn't very tuneful and was messy but they had some good moments too, but they gave it 110%,but after the 3rd song a guitar string broke and they had no back up so they were cutting the set short. The singer Kingsley decided to strangle himself not once but twice on stage with the cord of the mic, and then using a drum stick under the strings of his already beaten up guitar, as a make shift slide bending the crap outta the strings on the last song, then thrashing his guitar some more.

Photo Of La Roux © Copyright Robert LawrenceAnother 4 piece band that played there own brand of catchy pop rock were the Magistrates, the songs were simple but also drum beat driven making them toe tappingly good, songs of note were 'If I', 'Make This Work' and there next single Heartbreak. the last song they played,color, sound abit like a 70s dance tune only it was pretty good, the drumming in particular was really good,all the songs had solid beats to them which were really good, the singer had a good voice, altho high pitched mostly but not annoying, it was a good set, and could go far as they were well received by the crowd.

the main support act was Heartbreak, with there brand of electro/synth pop, with only 5 songs on there setlist the songs were mostly epic affairs going on past the 5 minute mark, the singer looked like Borat only acted fairly bizarre at times, and danced badly at times, doing the robot a few times. other than appearances the music want too bad if a bit too lengthy, the drumming was a mix of real drums and electric drum pads, which mixed up things a fair bit, the first 4 songs went by with out much notice really, but the fifth and last song was much better than the rest, sounded like it came from the 80s and was really good, the track in question was called 'My Tears Electro' with its chorus, which was really catchy. By now the room was pretty much filled waiting for the one with the epic quiff.

Photo Of La Roux © Copyright Robert LawrenceLa Roux, a 3 piece electro outfit, fronted by Elle Jackson who at times sounded like Annie Lennox, who's also it has to be said wont show her bum after some heckling from two front row annoying girls, but Elle did offer up the male member of the groups Arse tho, but he declined the offer to bare all for the crowd, through out the set which included songs, 'Quicksand', 'Fasination' , hit song 'In for the kill' and latest single 'Bullet Proof', those last two songs, were the encore. Elle pretty muched carried the set, from start to finish with the other two members keeping there heads down on the far left and right of the stage keeping the electro songs as good as can be, but showing some signs of life would have been good to see from them, but nevermind. Elle danced and sang her way through the gig, entertaining the crowd with good showmanship. The band was on fine form tonite just like the that amazing quiff.

La Roux 4/5
Heartbreak 3/5
The Magistrates 4/5
The Champman Family 3/5

Review By Rob Lawrence

 La Roux

La Roux (Vocals, Synths)


Sebastian Muravchix (Vocals)
Ali Renault (Keyboards)

 The Magistrates

(Vocals, Keys)
Brandon (Guitar)
Galbally (Bass)
Grant (Drums)

 The Chapman Family

Kingsley Chapman
Paul Chapman (guitar)
Phil Chapman (drums)
Pop Chapman (bass)

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