Gig Review

Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band
Rebel Creek, The Young Runaways
Wolverhampton, Little Civic
6th May2009
Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band      Rebel Creek     The Young Runaways
Photo Of The young Runaways © Copyright Robert LawrenceWaiting for the gig to begin , it was fairly obvious, that this wasn't gonna be a full room, as the young Runaways, a 6 piece folk indie band from Wolverhampton went towards the stage, i was wondering how many of them was going to get on the tiny little civic stage as it turns out all 6 of them got up onto the stage, and strangely it didn't look that crowded up there, opening there set with 'miles between us' its a very mellow song, calm with so much going with lots of harmonies blending together nicely, the songs in the set there is times when theres too much going on before it all comes together again, the band is made up of two brothers, a brother and sister, and two of there friends.This set is what can be only be described as really easy to listen to, during the set more people turned up, but strangely stayed right at the back, it was me by the barrier on my own, it was a good set and its a shame that more people didnt see it.

Next up were Rebel Creek, a 5 piece country rock band, that normally has a few covers in there set but due to the time they have on stage have decided to play only original material, which is always a plus, opening there set with 'was i dreaming' it was clear it was a country rock band that may appeal to Americans more than the Brits, and the crowd was still at the back of the room, there set however was fairly dull with nothing really getting your attention, or nothing really to dance to, perhaps they should have left in cover or two, to give the set some life, it was bouncy but nothing exciting really,the singer doing a song that was written about his wife was a nice touch, it was like watching your dad on stage, slightly cringe worthy really as the material wasn't that great.

Photo Of Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band © Copyright Robert LawrenceI have to say i hadn't heard anything about this band, nor had i heard any of there material before, i was expecting a fair few members in this band but as it turns out there was 3 of them, all related, the Reverend Peyton (who is an actual reverend) on guitar, Breezy his wife who is related to the KFC guy on the washboard, and the reverends brother Jayme on the drums. Starting off with Aberdeen,it starts off slow before picking up into a steady pace, with the vocals kicking in early, the guitar is simple, and the wash board is ear splittingly loud, but has good rhythm along with the drums, the sound of 3 people on stage with most of it pretty much unplugged, its mighty sound they got going. the set is littered with good banter from these folks from Indiana mostly funny stuff even getting a bit of back ground info about a few of the songs, like your cousins on cops, is in fact about the time Breezys cousin was on cops so the reverend wrote a song about it, and the reverend even gives a Quick guitar lesson about the D cord, Mamas fried potatoes is all about potato guns apparently,altho the songs are catchy and the courses are ones you have to sing along to, the live performance is top notch with breezy setting fire to her wash board in the encore, the tunes could wear pretty thin on CD, great live but not so great in your CD player, but i recommend you catch them while you can, if your a fan of something very random this is for you.

The young Runaways – 4/5
Rebel Creek – 2/5
Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Reverend Peyton

The Rev. Peyton (National Guitar/Flat Top Gibson)
Washboard Breezy Peyton (Washboard)
Jayme Peyton (Drums)

 Rebel Creek

Coming Soon

 The Young Runaways

Graham Phillips
(Acoustic Guitar,Electric, Vocals, Ukulele, Violin)
Matt Pinfield (Acoustic Guitar, Electric, Mandolin, Ukulele, Vocals)
Jay Round (Bass)
Lucy Phillips (Keyboard, Violin, Vocals)
Paul Asbridge (Percussion)
Stephen Bilby (Trombone, Euphonium, Glockenspiel)
Ian Jamieson (Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Keyboard)

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