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The Levellers
Pama International, Hobo Jones And The junkyard Dogs
Cheltenham, Townhall
28th April 2009
The Levellers              Pama International         Hobo Jones And The Junkyard Dogs
Photo Of Pama International © Copyright TriggerTonight saw me head to the Town Hall in Cheltenham for my second show there in a week, it’s quite funny really that I haven’t been there for years and then suddenly I am there two days in a row for two totally different gigs, when we walked through the doors tonight I noticed that things were a lot different in the way that it was a professional gig with plenty of security a main front barrier keeping the crowd away from the stage and the venue was pretty damn packed with a big age group ranging from 8 to 70 I would say.

Photo Of Pama International © Copyright TriggerThe first support band tonight was Hobo Jones And The Junkyard Dogs, when we walked in the band were playing their last song with was a gypsy punk rendition of ‘Drunken Sailor’ and I have to say it sounded amazing, the band seemed to be having a lot of fun on stage and the crowd were moving along to the song nicely, the thing that I liked best about Hobo Jones was the fact that they used such a random assortment of instruments such as a Washboard and the funkiest looking bass I have seen in a long time. I really wish I got to the venue a bit earlier so I could see more of these guys but they are defiantly on my list for bands to check out in the near future.

Photo Of Pama International © Copyright TriggerThere was a short 15 minute break in-between bands, so during this time we went off to get a drink in the very packed out bar, by the time we had our drink in our hand it was time to go back to the main room to get our places to watch Pama International.

Now I remember Pama International from back in 2001 when they were signed to Jamdown Records, but I have never managed to hear any of their songs or see them live until now and I have to say it was a really pleasing experience, Pama International took to the stage all dressed up really well in either suits or shirts, with only the drummer as bassist wearing beanie hats but still looking pimped up in their shirts.

Photo Of The Levellers © Copyright TriggerKnow I don’t know any Pama International songs at all but they play a mixed sound that crosses reggae, jazz and ska together, the band seemed to be in their element on stage, all extremely happy and giving their performance 100%, front man Finny marched across the stage which such groove on a number of occasions, trumpet player Gary and saxophone player Andy totally looked the part in their suits and moved on stage like true jazz musicians, the band played a good 40minute set and had the crowd moving the whole time.

It was a 20 minute break from when Pama International finished to when the Levellers were due to take to the stage so we headed off for another drink and then came back waiting patiently in the room for the Levellers to take to the stage which they did minutes later and in such a powerful way.

The band started with ‘Life Less Ordinary’ taking to the stage with such a strong powerful sound and one of the biggest lightshows I have seen at a gig in a long time, the Levellers wasted no time and rocked out solidly for near one and an half hours.

Photo Of The Levellers © Copyright TriggerThe biggest highlight for me was hearing ‘Beautiful Day’, the song was the fifth song they played as is the first song that I ever took notice of by the Levellers all those years ago, it wasn’t just me who seemed happy to hear the song as pretty much everyone in the town hall tonight was signing along and jumping up and down like lunatics.

The Levellers played many new songs such as ‘Before The End’, Death Loves Youth’, ‘Eyes Wide’, ‘Cholera Well’ and ‘Burn America, Burn’ with the fans going mad to each and every song which shows that their fans appreciate their new songs as much as they do their old.

Loads of old fan favourites were played as well with ‘Dance Before The Storm’ being the song that people seemed to love the most, the last song the Levellers played was ‘Cholera Well’, but they then came back for that en-core that every band plays, which they then went on and played ‘World Freak Show’, ‘Come On’ and ‘England’ which got the majority of the crowd bouncing across the room, the Levellers then left the stage to then come back and play their second en-core which consisted of ‘Liberty’ and during Photo Of The Levellers © Copyright Triggerthis song mayhem happened, one person got carried out after fainting and then another person got on her boyfriends shoulders whipped her top off and randomly started spinning around with her tits out and with many borderline sex pests reaching for their camera phones to take snaps, this was all clear proof that everyone was having fun at tonight’s show, maybe some having more fun than other though.

This was the first time I have ever seen the Levellers live and I have to say that I was majorly impressed and will defiantly be checking them out live again, they may look like they have past it but they have so much energy and could easily give a lot of the younger generation alternative bands a run for their money.

Hobo Jones And The Junkyard Dogs – 3/5
Pama international – 4/5
The Levellers 5/5

Review By Trigger


Mark Chadwick
Jeremy Cunningham
Charlie Heather
Simon Friend
Jonathan Sevink
Matt Savage

 Pama International

Finny (Lead vocalist)
Sean Flowerdew (keyboards)
Lynval Golding (Guitars, Vocals)
Ernie McKone (Bass)
Fuzz Townshend (Drums)
Gary Alesbrook (Trumpet)
Andy kinsman (Saxophone)
Marcos Ferrari (Dub stylings from the mixing desk)

 Hobo Jones

Hobo Jones
(vocals, Bass)
Wino Tyrone (Washboard)
Mister Bill (Guitar)

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