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Middle Class Rut - All Walks Of LifeMiddle Class Rut – All Walks Of Life

Middle Class Rut have had a busy year so far where things are going really well for them, they have played successful shows at Download, Reading and Leeds festival as well as supporting A Trail Of The Dead on their recent tour and now they set to release their new single ‘All Walks Of Life’.

‘All Walks Of Life’ is a really spiky and bouncy sounding experimental rock track that features really technical yet bouncy guitar riffs and loud explosive sounding vocals, the song is very listenable, infact it is fantastic and it makes me wonder how a two piece band can create such a massive sound.

I really like what I have heard of Middle Class Rut so far and if they carry on in the way that they are then they are going to be superstars who play sold out arenas and stadiums.


Review by Trigger
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Middle Class Ruts - Band
Zack Lopez
Sean Stockham
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1. All Walks Of Life
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