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The Wildhearts - Chutzpah!The Wildhearts – Chutzpah!

The Wildhearts are back with their new album ‘Chutzpah!’, the album was recorded in Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen and is a proper tub thumper of an album that is very different to anything that the band have ever created before, the album is my favourite ever Wildhearts album and I am sure many other people feel the same way as me.

The album kicks off with ‘The Jackson Whites’ the song sounds massive with its crunching guitar riffs and loud yet catchy vocals which really stand out during the explosive chorus, the song is a perfect start to the perfect Wildhearts album which features 10 stunning tracks which are all great in their own special way.

‘Plastic Jebus’ is a bit of a techno electronic song, which also has big sounding chunky guitar riffs that has the power to rip right through you, the chorus to the song is really melodic with computerized special effects making the vocals sound slightly creepy. The lyrics to the song are fun and true to life with Ginger stating that he has been looking for a new direction, and he has sure found a new direction, infact the whole band have found a new direction within the songs on ‘Chutzpah!’.

‘The Only One’ is the token slow song that builds up over time to take you on a melodic sing-a-long journey that you are never going to forget. ‘John Of Violence’ is an aggressive song that starts off with chunky guitar riffs and then goes of an ride that sounds like early Feeder material before the sing-a-long melodic chorus comes in. ‘You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane’ is bound to become a live favourite with the crowd joining in when the group vocals of “woaaah, woaaah” come in.

‘Tim Smith’ see’s The Wildhearts go all aggressive metal on us, with thick and fast chunky guitar riffs, huge basslines, blistering drumming and in your face raw screamy vocals, but then half way through the song it takes an unexpected turn and the vocals turn melodic.

For ‘Chutzpah!’ it seems like The Wildhearts have gone back to the drawing board and decided that they need to create an album where every song is so different from each other and where they create a song from every genre of the alternative music scene leading to a truly diverse album.

‘Chutzpah!’ is The Wildhearts at their best, it’s a 36minute long album that features 10 stunning tracks, it’s fun, fast, energetic, aggressive and even mellow in places and it is the perfect Wildhearts album for anyone who wants to know what the band are all about.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Wildhearts - Band
Scott Sorry
Ritch Battersby
 Track Listing
1. The Jackson Whites
2. Plastic Jebus
3. The Only One
4. John Of Violence
5. You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane
6. Tim Smith
7. Low Energy Vortex
8. You Took The Sunshine From New York
9. Mazel Tov Cocktail
10. Chutzpah
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