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Zico Chain - These Birds Will Kill Us AllZico Chain – These Birds Will Kill Us All

After a well deserved long break from the music scene the Zico Chain are back with a new single or should I say EP that features three brand new tracks, the single is called ‘These Birds Will Kill Us All’ and it is released on the 19th October 2009.

‘These Birds Will Kill Us All’ is a 3minute long rocking track that is full of anger and full blown aggression, it also features some tasty guitar riffs and more sing-a-long style vocals in places, overall the song is the perfect mix and shows how the Zico Chain have progressed over the years.

‘Bile N Blood’ starts with some mental full on instrumental work, with its blistering drum beats and fast paced guitar riffs, whilst front man Chris Glithero’s vocals come across fast and strong sounding more like the Zico Chain we know and love from their ‘Food’ album.

‘Daycase’ is the shortest track out of the 3 running for 1minute and 30seconds, it is also the most powerful and catchy track out of the 3 and is punk as fuck sounding with the Zico Chain taking on a whole new song and conquering it in the best way possible.

The three songs on this release are very diverse as they are so different from each other but are all of a high quality and show of totally different sides of the Zico Chain, it will be interesting to see what direction these guys take for their forthcoming album.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Zico Chain - Band
Chris Glithero
Paul Frost
Ollie Middleton
 Track Listing
1. These Birds Will Kill Us All
2. Bile N Blood
3. Daycase
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