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Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood (re-issue)Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood (re-issue)

Motley Crue need no introduction and neither does this classic album, anyone who has ever listened to metal over the years will know most of this album, in fact anyone who's been to a rock night at a club will know the tracks. Dr feelgood on this reissue, sounds great heavier, richer, dirtier to the point of being filthy. The album has been dragged filthily into the 21st century, and its done the album some good, will still take my vinyl version over a CD any day of the week though. The second disc, die hard fans will find it a treat, there are 5 demo tracks from back in the day and some live tracks of some of there other classic tracks like girls girls girls, is it work spending the dough again though, yes it is, the second disc is a bonus but the richer sound of the album proper is worth it, especially if you only own the album on cd or vinyl from the 80s.


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members
Motley Crue - Band
Vince Neil
Tommy Lee
Mick Mars
Nikki Sixx
 Track Listing
Disc 1
1. T.n.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown) International
2. Dr Feelgood International
3. Slice Of Your Pie International
4. Rattlesnake Shake International
5. Kickstart My Heart International
6. Without You International
7. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) International
8. Sticky Sweet International
9. She Goes Down International
10. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) International
11. Time For Change International

Disc 2
1. Dr Feelgood (Demo)
2. Without You (Demo)
3. Kickstart My Heart (Demo)
4. Get It For Free (International)
5. Time For Change (Demo)
6. Girls Girls Girls (Live Around The World 89-90)
7. Red Hot (Live Around The World 89-90)
8. All In The Name Of Rock (Live Around The World 89-90)
9. Dr. Feelgood (Live Around The World 89-90)

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