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W.A.S.P. - BabylonW.A.S.P. - Babylon

W.A.S.P. formed in 1982 and has gone few a few lineup changes in there time, main stalwart is the singer Blackie Lawless, Babylon is there 14th release.

Well classic metal, there aint gonna much to say about it really, the music and vocals seem a tad dated being firmly rooted in the 80s, there's not much up to date here, the songs on there latest album seem to follow the same structure, the vocals are dated , im not a fan, what i am a fan of is though is the lead guitarist Doug Blair, his playing is pretty good, and the solos are excellent, its a bit of a shame there on this album really. This review album is a copyright protected album which means that while the tracks are playing, they cut out for about a second, annoying really.The lyrics are pretty much what they've been singing about for years, not there best album really but for die hard fans, its a must full of 'new' tunes and for people still stuck in 1984!

Babylon will be out on the 12th of October


Review by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members

Blackie Lawless
Doug Blair
Mike Duda
Mike Dupke
 Track Listing
1. Crazy
2. Live To Die Another Day
3. Babylon's Burning
4. Burn
5. Into The Fire
6. Thunder Red
7. Seas Of Fire
8. Godless Run
9. Promised Land
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