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Motion Picture Soundtrack - Departure EPMotion Picture Soundtrack – Departure EP

Motion Picture Soundtrack have been around for 18months, they are based in Canterbury and they have been quite heavy on the live circuit touring as much as they can but they have been quite shy when it comes to releasing music as they have just completed work on their forthcoming debut album but have decided to make their mark on the physical release side of things with a short 3 track EP called ‘Departure’ which is sure to give everyone a true taste of what the band are all about.

The EP opens up with the title track ‘Departure’ and from the start the song is a classic, it is so listenable and catchy and full of swooping moments that take on such a beautiful journey, the song sounds like it should be played in massive stadiums with 1000’s of people singing along, everything from the distorted guitars to the beautiful vocal melodies make this song a classic.

‘Faults Of a Realist’ is more a chilled down cinematic track, the drums are constant yet uplifting sounding, the guitars are quite screechy sounding, whilst Alastair Blackwood’s vocals come across emotionally as he sings his heart and soul out in such an uplifting yet mellow way.

Just as you think these guys couldn’t get any more mellow and sleepy sounding in their songs we get to the closing track of the EP ‘Mirrors’, the song is so chilled sounding it is lead by a quiet piano piece running throughout with Alastair Blackwood once again oozing in style with his quiet yet beautiful sounding vocals.

Motion Picture Soundtrack are an emotional cinematic sounding band, they have a sound that is so mellow yet uplifting it could lift the roof off arenas around the country, these guys defiantly need to be heard and a support slot with Muse needs to be theirs in the near future as these guys would be the perfect band to open for the stadium rock gods that are Muse.


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 Band Members
Motion Picture Soundtrack - Band
Alastair Blackwood
Nick Watts
Graeme Blackwood
Will Hasler
 Track Listing
1. Departure
2. Faults Of A Realist
3. Mirrors
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